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The Candid Podcast | Episode 3: The Journey to Becoming Acorio’s CEO

This past summer, we announced our new podcast, Candid, which breaks down how we’re empowering our clients to drive digital transformation with ServiceNow – with stories directly from the consultants sitting across the table from you.

In this month’s episode, our special guest is Acorio’s very own, Ellen Daley, who shares her journey to becoming CEO.

In Candid Episode 3, Ellen dives into some of the ways Acorio’s goals have shifted since she’s taken the helm at Acorio in 2014, client stories she’s most proud of (like when a customer got promoted to CIO for their work with us), and Acorio’s empathetic approach to consulting. And when it comes to her own personal growth as a CEO? She explains, a lot comes from participating in a women leadership network and leaning into the characteristics that make her, well, her – “constantly self-doubting and self-critical” – which actually allow her to mature her thinking and be a better CEO.

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When You Make an Impact on Someone’s Career With ServiceNow, That’s the Pinnacle.

Devon Clarke (Host): Just thinking about how our client’s own success is what really drives us, what is one of the client stories that you’re most proud of.

Ellen Daley (Guest, Acorio CEO): There’s a lot, really a lot of client stories, that I’m proud of. I think one, came from a really large bank in the US and they really had looked to transform their back-office in IT – very, very, deeply – as well as HR. They had worked with some other organizations and went and implemented ServiceNow, yet, they weren’t happy with the results and, in fact, they were having a really hard time advancing.

I remember early on in the process, us just saying, “well, let’s not talk about the ServiceNow platform, let’s talk about the outcomes. What do you want your organization to do and be like?” They said, “we want an employee to call our IT department and immediately get their problem fixed so they can be productive and help their customers. And, we want, if someone has an HR issue that’s prohibiting them from giving their full dedication at work, we want that to be resolved – not just quick, but well.”

We engaged with them and we really took the approach of doing transformational work and then, leveraging a platform, which would help the transformation, but really the transformation came from the change processes and organizational structures that were in place. And I got a call about eight months after we rolled out that transformation leveraging ServiceNow, and the CIO called up and he had on the Senior Director of HR and they said,

Ellen, we just want you to know, we used to think of our jobs of having to implement systems and implement technology, but you and your team, and the approach of how you went about thinking about our needs changed everything. And as a result, I got promoted to CIO.

And that Senior Director, she was being promoted to a VP role, which was one of two in the HR department – and this is for a 40,000-person organization.

So, I think when you know your team has made an impact on someone’s career like they actually got a promotion or something and are being recognized for that, that’s the pinnacle.

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