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The Candid Podcast | Episode 4: Growing a Team of ServiceNow Consultants & Lessons Learned

This week, we’re elated to share a new episode of the Candid podcast, in which we break down how Acorio empowers our clients to drive digital transformation with ServiceNow – with stories directly from the consultants sitting across the table from you.

In Candid Episode 4, I sat down with our of our leadership team members,  Marci Parker, Acorio’s VP of Client Delivery. In this session, you’ll get to hear about Marci’s day to day life here at Acorio, her experience watching our consulting company grow over the 6+ years she’s been with us (and the growing pains that sometimes go with that), plus what drives her to consistently fight for her team and our clients.

Note: This podcast episode was recorded before COVID-19 and Acorio is respecting WFH policies.

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Devon: Expectations and questions from clients and ourselves are constantly changing and evolving. 

Marci: Yeah, so now, everything is about up-leveling. What we’ve done in the past is awesome and we’re so incredibly proud of it but now it’s “how do we think differently? How do we interact with our clients differently? And what does that even mean?”

And then, getting a whole team of 135 consultants on board and getting all of them to start thinking differently is a little overwhelming at times. But, it’s an awesome challenge. I think about what that could mean for all of us as we tackle this next mountain on this never-ending chain of mountains we keep tackling. 

That’s what kind of makes it fun, you know? The challenge of it. But it also makes it really hard. 

Devon: Do you think when you first started that this is what it was going to be? 

Marci: No. I mean, sort of. When I started, there were like 30 people in the company and I joined as an Engagement Manager and I was on several different projects – on my second day of work they were like, “yeah, we’re going to introduce you to this client” and I was like, “oh – okay, here we go!”

As we grew and saw what people were capable of and what was happening in the company, Ellen and I were able to talk and figured out that I was ready for this next step up. I had management experience prior to coming to Acorio. I had teams of folks that reported to me.

It started as a natural progression, just taking over the Engagement Managers and it was cool to see as we evolved to get to where we are now, 250+ employees, these massive clients that are coming in and really helping us grow, it’s not where my head was when I joined five years ago. Very crazy journey. 

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