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Announcing Candid: Acorio’s New ServiceNow Podcast on Driving Digital Transformation

ServiceNow Podcast

It’s our last day of Christmas in July, and some might say, we’ve saved the best for last…

We’re always looking for new ways to share passion, tips and tricks, and encouragement for businesses on their ServiceNow journey. As a team, we have hundreds of years of ServiceNow experience combined. Needless to say, we have a few stories to tell. Instead of just sharing our adventures on our monthly all-team calls or over a beer at the end of the day – we’re bringing them directly to you, in Acorio’s new podcast.

Welcome to Candid.

ServiceNow Podcast

This podcast breaks down how we’re empowering our clients to drive digital transformation with ServiceNow – with stories directly from the consultants sitting across the table from you.

That’s right, our own passionate and talented employees will bring you lessons (and the occasional battle story) of the projects they work on with clients to form their business outcomes. No matter the project, we can and we did.

In the first episode, our host, Devon Clarke, sits down with one of our Client Partner, Grant Pulver. Grant works exclusively with our large transformational clients (so he’s pretty much seen it all). His job focuses on not only ensuring technical best-practice but also rigorous advisory for these large projects, every step of the way.

“My favorite part is that we become trusted partners and trusted advisors with, and for, our customers. There is a lot of trust there on both sides of the relationship. It’s sink or swim, together, and lucky for us, we have teams that make it possible to swim” – Grant Pulver, Client Partner at Acorio

This is a new role for Grant in the past six months. In fact, we have been building and growing our Client Partner team around the successful, hands-on involvement that Grant and some of our expert senior consultants have seen in large transformational projects – especially in the Global Business Services arena. So, in this episode of the ServiceNow podcast, we asked him about the transition into the position, his favorite ServiceNow projects, and what he really thinks about “Digital Transformation.”

You can listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, here on BuzzSprout or you can skim our quick preview below.

What it Takes to Drive Client Success with ServiceNow (minute 9.06 in episode 1 of Candid)

Devon Clarke (Host): Companies are thinking about the future more now than ever, including how they want to digitally transform their company. Honestly, what are your thoughts on digital transformation?

Grant Pulver (Guest): I think there are a few things in there that people need to consider. There has to be some data you can analyze, to be able to start making decisions on where automation makes sense, where AI makes sense and how you’re going to use it in your environment, where there’s value, and where it’s going to cost more work to be able to do things. Ultimately, we want to do things in a just in time environment where we use automation, or we have the right people in the right place at any point in the journey to get things done.

So, my big thing, and you’ll hear me talk about it with anyone that will listen, is I want that value right upfront. But it’s a struggle when you consider the challenges of good data. There’s a point in a journey that you’ve got to have some of that data in there to make sense of where some of those levers are that you can pull. My biggest advice is, start analyzing the data right out, and watch and recognize some trends to be able to move that through and recognize some opportunity there.


The full episode of Candid is available here on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or here on BuzzSprout.

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