American Credit Union Smashes Silos with ServiceNow ITBM 

This American Credit Union has a unique culture fostered by an unwavering commitment to its members and employees. With eyes on developing the innovation and agility needed to ensure long-term success, they began cultivating a cohesive, well-structured digital footprint that would enable an effective cross-functional strategy in the long-term. 

Financial Services organizations face entirely different challenges than they did a decade ago. Customers are no longer comparing banks to other banks. They’re comparing banks to every other service they use – from Amazon to Uber. Financial organizations that can’t match the speed and ease of use of these top players will inevitably fall behind.  

Leaders in the industry know that digitally transforming to enable seamless collaboration from the front to the back office is the key to driving a stellar customer experience. In fact, Acorio’s 2021 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report reveals that 89% of Financial Services institutions report already having Digital Transformation initiatives underway.  

Disjointed Processes Spell the Need for a New Solution

The sheer size of this Credit Union meant they were accustomed to working in silos, with three distinct areas that handled Project Management. Each was protective of the way they worked and operated semi-independently, using their own systems and processes. This meant the organization lacked true, enterprise-wide visibility, leaving customers dissatisfied when the resolution of their issue required the help of multiple departments. 

Internal stakeholders lacked the visibility necessary to monitor demand for products and services within IT. They also had no system of record to track ideas, leaving employees in the dark on where an idea was held up once a submission was made.  

Leadership knew that aligning the entire organization on the same platform would streamline their processes, reduce entropy, and provide the enterprise-wide visibility needed to accurately forecast demand and allow staff to work more efficiently for the good of the customer. 

ServiceNow: One Platform to Bring Together the Entire Organization

The Credit Union wanted a platform that could offer the functionality they needed to serve as their enterprise backbone. ServiceNow’s unique ability to connect and streamline siloed business processes and provide accurate reporting made the platform a no-brainer for the organization. 

Acorio served as the Credit Union’s trusted ServiceNow partner since the beginning of their journey. Together, Acorio and the Credit Union started with an an Advisory project that evaluated their current operating state and solidified their Digital Transformation goals.  

Once their ServiceNow roadmap was clearly defined and their foundational ITSM implementation was successfully completed, the company had established a strong foundation for future platform expansion. The Credit Union knew that setting their sights on drastically improving how they functioned from a people and process point of view by implementing ServiceNow’s ITBM.

Identifying ServiceNow as the perfect tool to handle their Demand Management, leadership set out to get the rest of the organization on board. The Credit Union decided to implement ServiceNow’s ITBM product in order to: 

  • Optimize and streamline Demand approval flows and assessment rules to improve operational health, project prioritization, and process and planning activities. 
  • Transform and improve how they function from a people and process point of view. 
  • Allow IT Management and Staff to work more efficiently and open more capacity for IT Implementations and Operations. 

Optimizing and Streamlining within ServiceNow ITBM

All in all, the credit union’s new ITBM solution included:  

  • Idea and Demand Management 
  • PPM 
  • Timecard Management 
  • Resource Management 
  • Labor Capitalization 
  • Multiple Integrations 
  • Custom Reports 
  • Data Migration 

Acorio and the Credit Union worked together to get the entire organization on board through a series of workshops and training that helped to establish ownership and secure buy-in from their various departments. The participation of their wider user base was crucial, with a few key players at the Credit Union stepping into the role of ‘subject matter expert’ who can now manage and maintain the platform moving forward. 

Looking to the Future

The Credit Union has successfully overcome the critical challenge of disjointed processes by centralizing and streamlining their Demand approvals within ServiceNow ITBM.  

They now have a defined process that automates manual steps like email and provides a clearly defined chain of communication that employees can refer back to. The organization can assign tasks directly, bypassing the involvement of multiple other parties. They also have the ability to assess, track, manage, and accurately forecast demand for products and services moving forward.  

Unlike other solutions, ServiceNow provides a single system of record, allowing data and processes to be shared across all ServiceNow applications. The organization’s ServiceNow footprint now spans more than one department, meaning they’re well on their way to breaking down silos and enabling true top-down visibility. They are also allowing additional project management organizations to leverage the framework they have established using ServiceNow ITBM.

Recognizing that meaningful digital transformation is not a one-and-done process, the Credit Union is hard at work journeying through the rest of their strategic roadmap – with GRC, SecOps, and HRSD next on the docket.