Bloomin Brands: A mature ServiceNow platform gets serious about IT outages with ServiceWatch Service Mapping

The Results

1New ITOM Strategy
20Custom Service Patterns
8Infrastructure Maps for 3 Critical Services

The Challenge

Bloomin’ Brands had a mature ServiceNow platform and a company-wide initiative to increase their maturity in managing their Business Services. One major focus: tracking critical services in their ITOM universe and mitigating costly outages. After heavy investments to align IT infrastructure, BBI expanded their project to maintain those mappings and provide rapid insight into service restoration projects. The project further looked to address BBI’s many custom configurations and to map cloud-hosted systems in their environment.

The Solution

BBI purchased ServiceNow ServiceWatch service mapping and discovery licenses to automatically update and maintain their critical service maps and provide enhanced reporting and insight to the operations teams, while also looking at Discovery and customer databases. Acorio was specifically tasked to implement BBI’s initial service maps and develop custom probes for their infrastructure and cloud services.

The Results

Acorio and BBI identified all key patterns the firm leveraged across their cloud and in-house infrastructure. From there, they identified 28 custom patterns to support the majority of their infrastructure – developing 8 to support the roll-out of service mapping for three of their most critical services, and defining a roadmap for the remainder.