Convenience Store Company Gains Major Efficiency Wins Using ServiceNow’s CSM Solution

The Results

400+logins in first 24 hours
4800cases created in first 24 hours

This gasoline and convenience store company operates over 2,500 stores and is one of the largest company-owned and operated chains in the United States. Always ready to take on a new challenge, they have plans to continue to expand throughout the country and even have eyes on some big acquisitions over the next few years.

In contrast to other retailers facing increasing competition and dwindling store traffic, Nielsen predicts that convenience stores will grow faster than all other offline retail channels over the next 5 years. Convenience stores connected to gas stations will be specially insulated by the downturn in traffic to brick and mortar locations, even as fuel-efficient and electric vehicles rise in popularity. Nielsen also expects convenience stores in the United States to become increasingly automated and unmanned, opening the door for heavy reliance on user-friendly self-service, mobile apps, and omnichannel customer service offerings.

Realizing that their industry is in the midst of rapid change, this company set out to revolutionize its customer service operations and gain some major efficiency wins. They knew that bringing siloed systems into one platform would allow them to provide the frictionless customer service experience that’s become the gold standard for modern retailers.

The Starting Point: Turning Three Separate Customer Service Solutions Into One

The company had a unique Customer Service operating model, comprised of three departments including its physical field service support, Customer Service, and store security. These customer service solutions were disconnected, each using different systems for daily operations with no communication between tools.

They needed a single platform that would provide one “version of the truth”, complete with reporting, dashboards, workflows, and automation, for these three separate customer service departments. With no way for the systems to talk to each other, interdepartmental communications were email, phone calls, walk-ups, and above all, inefficient. There was no way to report on what types of requests were coming through, who they should be routed to, and if they had been handled.

It was important to implement a solution that could integrate these three disjointed systems because, in addition to supporting its employees and stores, the new Customer Service solution would also support the company’s customer loyalty program, helping them to build relationships, ensure repeat business, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The company defined these requirements as they searched for a new Customer Service solution:

  • Consolidate Customer Service activities onto a single platform that will increase the visibility of activities, Intelligence, and transparency to the organization
  • Provide a consistent user experience across the organization for those users seeking information and those performing customer service activities
  • Provide for greater insight into the operational data of the organization and a “single version of the truth” for reporting
  • Leverage a modern technology platform that is best of the breed and built for scalability, cloud-based and delivers future innovations

ServiceNow CSM Provides the Foundation for a Single Customer Service Solution

To make good on these goals, the company knew they needed to implement a true enterprise solution that would allow them the visibility and scalability they needed for the future. Already familiar with ServiceNow, they were turned on to Acorio through a referral from ServiceNow and brought us on to assist with their new implementation.

Acorio and the company worked together to successfully implement ServiceNow’s CSM product in addition to Knowledge Management, Service Portal, and seven integrations. They can now leverage ServiceNow to meet the needs of all three departments on one single instance.

“I would like to say thank you for all the work the Acorio team put in on the project!  I have been with the company for 34 years and I think this has to be one of the most successful projects I have seen.  My team is still learning ServiceNow and with every new task we learn, we are more happy with the system.” – Customer Service Supervisor

The company’s System Admins were fully committed from the start and threw themselves wholeheartedly into learning the platform, making them an incredibly valuable resource. Lessons for other organizations seeking the same digital transformation wins? Get engaged early and find people who want to learn the platform. This company reported only 8 defects post-go-live as their System Admins were ready and able to fix minor issues immediately before reaching out to Acorio.

Rapidly Changing Industry Shapes Future Goals

The company now has an integrated Customer Service solution where all three of its previously siloed departments are located. Customer service agents can log on to one system instead of the multiple disjointed systems they were used to, increasing efficiency and reducing entropy.

But the organization’s digital transformation journey isn’t over yet. The ability to act rapidly on customer feedback, bring solutions to market quickly, and refine them continuously will be the defining factors of success for the modern retail enterprise. The company is now looking towards the future, recognizing that ServiceNow is a true platform of platforms that can help them increase the efficiency, visibility, and scalability needed to deliver on these goals.  Next on their Wishlist – an overhaul of their ITSM solution using ServiceNow.