File Hosting Services Company Solidifies ITSM Strategy for the New Decade with ServiceNow 

This file hosting services company has dedicated itself to developing and supporting a more intelligent way to work for over a decadeThe cloud storage and file synchronization solutions they offer grant their clients an easier way to collaborate and more time to focus on what matters – preventing them from getting lost in the busywork that using disparate apps and systems creates. 

Headquartered on the United States’ West Coast, the company promotes a forward-thinking, yet laid-back culture that its employees live and breathe. The organization has grown steadily to now employ over 2,000 people and shows no signs of slowing down. 

In fact, tools that facilitate remote working have exploded in popularity following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gartner recently revealed that over 80% of business leaders surveyed plan on allowing employees to continue working remotely even after the pandemic ends. The future of work now lies in a hybrid model that will rely heavily on companies like this one that offer solutions to facilitate telecommuting. 


Trusting ServiceNow to Power an IT Transformation

The company was using a plethora of different tools for managing work and lacked an underlying IT structure that would grant them visibility into incidents, including their nature, how often they occurred, and what follow-up was needed.  

Leadership knew that in order to build resiliency and remain agile, they needed to consolidate all of their disparate tools and systems to start managing their incidents and requests strategically. Doing so would allow them to start collecting and acting on data in real-time – a must for every business looking to thrive in the emerging digital landscape post-COVID-19. 

The file hosting company’s CIO was familiar with ServiceNow and had seen the transformative potential of the platform take root at a previous company. They knew that ServiceNow could serve as the backbone of their developing enterprise strategy.  

Eager to start their ServiceNow journey, the IT team sought a partner to ensure they followed best practices and built a strong foundation for future expansion. 

The file hosting services company’s ServiceNow vision consisted of: 

  • Building a Solid ITSM Foundation that would scale with future growth and allow for further expansion of the ServiceNow platform. 
  • Crafting an Engaging Customer Experience: with Portal Badge Reader and Vending Machine Integrations to drive best practice process and automation. 
  • Enabling Seamless Communications Across IT powered by Slack, Jira, and Pager Duty integrations. 

A Tailored ServiceNow Solution 

The organization’s CIO had worked with Acorio on a ServiceNow implementation at a previous company. Already convinced of Acorio’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ServiceNow expertise, they wasted no time in enlisting our help.  

Ultimately, the solution Acorio delivered consisted of: 

  • A netnew implementation of ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) including Incident, Problem, Service Request, Knowledge and Configuration Management. 
  • Multiple integrations including Jira, Okta, Lean IX, Badge Reader, Vending Machine, and more. 
  • A customdeveloped solution for requesting and fulfilling services globally related to corporate events (for example: food, drinks, video, rooms, etc.). 

One Project Spurs an Enterprise-Wide Transformation

Spearheaded by IT, the project now has visibility across the enterprise. It’s been so successful that other teams that have been exposed to the IT Service Portal are questioning why they’re not also leveraging the ServiceNow platform.  

“It’s a different way of working. You can now go to the Service Portal, rather than just seeing slack messages and emails come in. As an end user, you get much better visibility to your service requests and your incidents than you ever did before.” – Business Process Consultant, Acorio

What started as an implementation of ServiceNow ITSM and HAM for the company’s IT department has spurred an organic movement within the organization to shift towards a more centralized Service Management strategy that will allow them to more efficiently and successfully manage their IT spend and technology footprint. 

Supported by their new ServiceNow instance, the IT team is collecting more accurate data that is informing them of what type of incidents are occurring, where they’re coming from, and what follow-up is needed, providing the foundation needed to start an enterprise-wide Service Management strategy. This will allow IT to move from a reactive to a proactive team and secure the agility and visibility required to thrive throughout the next decade. 


A Digital Future Powered by ServiceNow

With this successful ITSM and HAM implementation serving as a modelother teams across the file hosting services company are eager to start reaping the benefits of ServiceNow. In fact, the organization has already embarked on a new project with Acorio that includes Change Management implementation, a Mobile Platform App, and HRSD. 

The organization has stepped back to evaluate how to strategically condense the number of disparate tools they own and optimize their current licensing in ServiceNow. With their back-end IT transformation well underway, the company is eager to explore leveraging ServiceNow across its customer-facing Service Portals as well. 

While the call to digitally transform is compelling, completing the in-the-trenches work is hard. The most important thing however, is remaining resolute in your mission and infusing your company’s culture into everything you do. This organization did just that by implementing an ITSM solution that supports their employees to bring their best selves to work every day by streamlining disconnected systems and processes, freeing them to focus on what matters.