Fortune500 Data Science Firm Uses ServiceNow to Deliver a Superior Employee Experience

The Results

$10bin Revenue

This multi-national data science organization uses data, technology, and advanced analytics to help clients from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology, and consumer health industries drive healthcare forward.

Safeguarding human health using advanced technology has become imperative in a post-COVID-19 world. The breakneck pace of data and cloud advancements have enabled governments and healthcare players around the world to respond to the virus in real-time and will continue to play a vital role in tracking and responding to new global health developments even after the threat of COVID-19 has diminished.

A Unique Mission Spells the Need for a Critical Investment in Employee Experience

Already ahead of the curve, this Fortune 500 organization has a high-stakes mission to combine advanced technology, AI, machine learning, and historical data to accelerate outcomes within the healthcare ecosystem.

A truly global entity, the company employs over 65,000 people across 100 countries – all with unique roles and personas. Yet, the organization had no existing tool or harmonized process in place to effectively onboard these diverse new hires. But this issue isn’t unique to any one company or industry – a 2017 Gallup report found that only 12 percent of employees agreed that their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.

The Fortune 500’s global reach and fast growth – spelling out to a possible 17,000 new hires annually – meant creating a standardized, efficient onboarding process that would touch each one of their new employees was a critical business imperative.

Without a standardized system for onboarding, new hires at this data science firm weren’t guaranteed to receive accurate, up-to-date information and materials on their first day or a uniform experience across all departments. Not only did this leave employees unsure about the company’s branding and ethos, but it also had a significant effect on the company’s bottom line. They knew that investing in providing a best-in-class onboarding experience that reflected their unique company mission would decrease the time for new hires’ to complete onboarding tasks and get started on their work, increase visibility for managers, and align employees to the company’s shared mission.

Standardizing the Employee Experience for a team of 65,000:  A ServiceNow Custom App Paves the Way for Consistency

Knowing they needed to implement a formalized and consistent approach to bring new employees into the fold, this Fortune 500 company looked to ServiceNow as the platform to build a solution that would provide greater visibility to HR and increase governance to employees during their onboarding. With these defined objectives, the client engaged Acorio to build a Custom App solution within ServiceNow that would:

  • Establish a framework to assign tasks to employees based on a set of dynamic criteria
  • Enable the completion of the tasks
  • Provide comprehensive status reporting
  • Create a reusable task “to-do” application to be leveraged for M&A activity and other projects post-Go-Live

When finished, the Custom App would not only ensure all new hires received a uniform onboarding experience, but it would also provide managers with the visibility and flexibility they needed to assign tasks to their teams and ensure they were completed on time.

The Result? A Modern, Seamless Employee Onboarding Experience

The Fortune 500 data science company now has a single pane of glass where employees and managers can view active tasks, employee activity status, and targeted messaging across multiple media channels via a mobile-enabled Service Portal custom app.

The Custom App has two different interfaces or views – one for employees and one for their managers. Each group gets a tailored experience according to the tasks they need to complete.

Employee Onboarding Portal

The Employee Onboarding Portal provides an intro into the tasks the individual employee needs to complete (eg. registering for systems, filling in forms, etc.), but it also serves as a method to convey company branding, communicate core culture messages and open communication between the new hire and their manager. For today’s companies, acting within this critical window to ensure long-term success is crucial. In fact, 53 percent of HR professionals say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved.

 Manager Onboarding Portal

Managers share the same capability as employees to see tasks they need to complete for every new hire. They can also see their direct reports’ progress, assign them new tasks, and direct message them within the app. To top it all off, the portal can be translated into multiple languages, providing a more accessible and personalized experience for the company’s global workforce.

Ready for the Future of Work

As COVID-19 continues to challenge companies looking to keep their team engaged, providing a streamlined and defined onboarding process is more crucial than ever for this firm as they continue to welcome new hires into their global workforce amidst a rapidly-changing professional landscape.

The best part? Not only can the Fortune 500’s new ServiceNow solution be used to onboard new employees – with a few tweaks, the company can also use the framework Acorio built to establish and manage other employees’ “to-do” activities going forward.

Many of this organization’s processes are task-driven, meaning the architecture put in place for their Employee Onboarding Portal can be reworked to track progress on other projects or initiatives in the future.

“I wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation for the work the Acorio team is doing here.  In a very short time, the Acorio team has taken a vision and turned it into a working application. The solution provided meets our business needs and has been well received by our stakeholders. The entire team is easy to work with and demonstrates a “make it happen” work ethic that I much appreciate.” – Director Employee Service Management

With remote (or hybrid) work as the norm for the foreseeable future, companies with an existing solution that can be leveraged to facilitate remote work and collaboration will remain ahead of the curve. According to a Boston Consulting Group survey of 12,000 global workers, employees satisfied with the tools at their disposal were twice as likely to have maintained or improved their productivity after going remote. We know that going forward, this data science firm and their team members alike will appreciate their modern employee experience and the increased productivity it provides.