International medical device company’s Service Portal masters many languages

The Results


“[ServiceNow allowed us] to accomplish in a few hours what we have been struggling with for days. Your team’s willingness and ability to respond quickly and get to the bottom of things not only had a significant impact on resolving their issues but it helped them learn a few things about Acorio that reinforced the reason why they selected us.” –Executive Sponsor, Global Biotech

The Challenge

Operating in 32 countries, a leading medical device company faced a major equipment ordering challenge: its original portal wasn’t intuitive and its interface language was restricted to English.

The Solution

Acorio worked with the team to modernize the employee experience for 20,000 global staff, including how they request new computers, software and access to applications. Understanding the global significance of a better portal, the leadership team led the adoption charge.

The Results

Grounded in this high-level support, the team embraced change on a global scale. The result: The simple and elegant multi-lingual experience provides an intuitive, cloud-based, global portal within ServiceNow that is now expanding to be the universal portal for employee requests all types for IT, HR and procurement. The new ServiceNow Service Portal supports more than 40 services in 32 countries and is available in eight languages.