HRSD and Digital Transformation at The Hanover Insurance Group

Transforming the Employee Experience with ServiceNow: The Hanover Insurance Groups’ Background

Founded as a fire insurance company in 1852 in Manhattan, today, The Hanover Insurance Group is the holding company for several property and casualty insurance companies, which together constitute one of the largest insurance organizations in the country. Known for providing standard and specialized insurance solutions for small and mid-size businesses, as well as for homes, automobiles and other personal Items, The Hanover distributes its products through a select group of independent agents and brokers.

The Hanover’s continued growth over the years has made it familiar with the necessity of change. From fire insurance to multi-provider, the company continues to evolve to remain agile and responsive. Like many organizations today, the company is focused on delivering an enhanced employee experience.

The company has been advancing a digital transformation strategy throughout the organization. As a part of this strategy, The Hanover wanted to review and redefine its current human resources operating model to embrace modern employees’ needs. Ultimately, HR leadership defined four strategic focus areas: improving the employee experience, maximizing HR team efficiency, creating better contact channels for employees, and modernizing their case tracking process.

Exploring HR Software Options: Why ServiceNow?

To bring these goals to life, The Hanover’s HR organization knew it needed the support of a strong technology foundation. The team recognized an HR technology and consulting investment was the most effective way to achieve their goals.

The technology and facilities departments at The Hanover were already using ServiceNow’s Case Management and Incident Management systems. Looking to leverage the efficiency and success of the ITSM solution, Technology and HR leaders came together to consider ServiceNow’s platform. Expanding the organization’s existing ServiceNow capabilities across the enterprise allowed for greater ROI, taking advantage of the entire Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Platform.

After reviewing ServiceNow capabilities, the HR organization knew ServiceNow would be an important part of optimizing its new model.

So, what excited The Hanover’s HR team about ServiceNow?

  • The intuitiveness of ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management System. In particular, the team saw the benefit of offering employees options to search keywords or questions in simple language and have workflows quickly generate easily-to-consume material. Compared to more traditional HR policy guidelines, this concept inspired The Hanover to rebuild its intranet HR portal.
  • ServiceNow’s case management and inquiry tracking. This aligned with the HR team’s goals. In fact, new workflow functionality enabled the team to accelerate its HR operating objectives to respond more efficiently to the needs of their employees.Specifically, The Hanover’s HR department was looking to create new employee and manager support channels (tier 1 and tier 2) to expand functionality, better align HR resources, and centralize employee data to improve the employee experience and efficiency– all of which ServiceNow could help support.

Beginning the ServiceNow Transformation Journey: Finding Acorio

As the HR team was learning more about the solution, ServiceNow introduced the company to Acorio, a Gold Services Partner with experience in the Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) product. In particular, they developed a connection with an Acorio regional sales manager who had an existing relationship with The Hanover’s IT department. This connection resulted in a project with cross team collaboration.

The implementation of ServiceNow served as the catalyst to start an engagement between the two companies. Another key factor in naming Acorio as The Hanover’s partner-of-choice was Acorio’s consultative approach to ServiceNow consulting, grounded in building a joint, maintainable roadmap for transformation.

Because The Hanover was incorporating the platform as a part of its larger HR transformation initiative, it needed a partner that could guide and challenge the team as opposed to one that simply implements the technology.

Success with ServiceNow

The Hanover’s HR department established a team to own ServiceNow HRSD.

Today, the HR team responsible for tiers 1, 2, and 3, along with a multitude of HR Centers of Excellence (COEs), are using ServiceNow every day. Enthusiastically, they are calling the roll-out a success.

From an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint, the company can now see trends – like the type of calls received – and is learning from the data. For example, the HR organization now knows paid time off and timesheet corrections are its most popular inquiries.

This has helped inform The Hanover’s human resources strategy and its ability to make decisions. Today, the team is meeting to look at the data weekly and asking themselves, “What can we be doing differently? What can we escalate to our team leads?” In the case of timesheet corrections, those are now being escalated to their HR technology team to partner with leaders in establishing practices to Improve employee experience.

Ultimately, its proud of the “full team effort” put into making its ServiceNow HRSD implementation a success.

Valuable Learnings

Reflecting on what it learned throughout its HR transformation, The Hanover reinforced that it’s important to invest time into developing a process and communal understanding of goals and project outcomes (for example, what a “service” means for The Hanover).

The Hanover embraced change through meeting in person with Acorio and starting the planning process. This was a “pivotal” moment for the project. Through that planning process, Acorio and The Hanover HR team genuinely became partners. Each member of the team had different levels of experience with the ServiceNow platform, and Acorio and The Hanover were able to work together to meet everyone’s needs.

The Hanover identified thoughtful uses for the platform, designing systems to evolve strategy. Karen Kish, AVP of shared services at The Hanover, thanked Acorio’s business process consultant for challenging The Hanover’s processes and approach to case management.

A budget item well spent? The Hanover is a strong proponent of investing time for knowledge transfer and sharing. Its system admin, specifically, was given a designated bucket of knowledge transfer hours to work with Acorio, which was invaluable to her success with the platform and evident in her ease of use today.

The Future of ServiceNow at The Hanover

Now able to better track data, the HR team is looking forward to enhanced reporting on a monthly and quarterly cadence, helping improve overall efficiency and share results across the organization. Additionally, its first contact team is working to define a service level agreement.

The Hanover is pleased with the ServiceNow relationship, sharing that it has been a valuable experience. The company values its functionality and efficiency.

For now, the HR team is eager to leverage ServiceNow’s new reporting to learn more about their employee needs to continue to improve the experience of each Hanover employee in 2019.