Healthcare Company Unifies its Employee Onboarding Experience Using ServiceNow

This national healthcare company organizes patient transportation across the United States. Specializing in end-to-end medical transportation as well as fire services, integrated healthcare solutions, and disaster response, the enterprise consists of several business units totaling over 30,000 employees.

Following multiple company mergers, the enterprise was challenged to integrate each of its business units into a single entity. Accustomed to operating independently, the merging businesses needed to fully embrace a new streamlined relationship in order to simplify its employee experience and enable sustainable company growth over the next few years in the face of increasing uncertainty and industry changes.


Trusting ServiceNow to Support a Modern HR Environment

A series of acquisitions meant the enterprise was made up of over multiple separate entities, each with their own people, systems, and processes already established. With no clear communication across these disparate business units, confusion and inefficiencies were inevitable.

Similar to other companies following a merger or acquisition, the Healthcare organization faced the challenges of data normalization, single sign-on (SSO) access, and the combining of varied systems.

While some of their business units were already using ServiceNow, most relied on other various systems to handle their HR needs. Recognizing that ServiceNow had the functionality they needed to serve as their enterprise backbone, the company set out to successfully and efficiently migrate every one of their 30,000+ employees onto one ServiceNow instance that would power the entire organization, especially related to onboarding and self service items via the portal.

Redefining the Employee Onboarding Experience

The client had a clear vision for the project. They knew they needed to streamline and modernize their HR operations to effectively onboard their new acquisitions, while at the same time integrating existing business units into one greenfield instance.

In summary, the organization’s key objectives for the project included:

  • Leveraging Enterprise Onboarding to facilitate the merger and reduce manual processes.
  • Coordinating resources across the enterprise to ensure that employees, HR, and IT all complete their activities at the right time while accounting for all dependencies and exceptions.
  • Creating an onboarding experience that guides new hires to the right content, activities, and systems to ensure that they are ready to do their best starting from day one.

Despite common growing pains, the organization had a strong vision of a unified, streamlined enterprise service management solution powered by ServiceNow. They enlisted the help of Acorio to bring that vision to fruition, thus beginning a multi-phase project to strategically consolidate siloed systems and processes across their many business units.

A Tailored ServiceNow Solution

The project focused on getting the entire enterprise on the same footing and establishing ServiceNow as the onboarding system for every business unit.

Their HR solution included:

  • HR onboarding, with lifecycle event core configuration and validation of existing HR profile data
  • HR Case Management and Services, including configurations of HR core data, fields, and security, plus set-up and configuration of OOB HR Case Management for both HR agents and end-users.
  • HR Service Center, complete with unified branding while staying close to OOB
  • Onboarding Mobile App that provides content to new hires at various stages of the onboarding process.
  • A bi-directional Workday integration that populates ServiceNow with HR core data and manages tasks between Workday and the Now platform.

A Unified Experience for Every Employee

The Healthcare company now has a unified HR and onboarding experience for its 30,000+ employees. This solution solved not only the immediate need they had to onboard staff joining from previous acquisitions but is also completely scalable moving forward. It will allow them to seamlessly onboard future entities as they continue to grow and expand.

“We completely redesigned their onboarding process, but I think the biggest win for them was the total redesign of the portal of the Employee Service Center.” – Project Manager, Acorio

ServiceNow now serves as the environment for the completion of all HR interactions, including those in Workday. Completing this project was an integral part of the organization’s growth strategy for the future. The ability to quickly and efficiently onboard employees using a repeatable process will be crucial not only for this company but also for other organizations operating in the medical sector, where mergers and acquisitions continue to increase in the face of economic uncertainty.

Looking Forward

This healthcare company successfully leveraged the ServiceNow platform to create a seamless, universal employee onboarding experience for their many different business units. By automating and streamlining their processes they’ve not only freed up employees’ time, but also proactively minimizing the employee burnout that comes with disjointed, manual tasks.

Now that they’ve successfully demonstrated ServiceNow’s potential and users are happy with the platform, the company has plans to expand it beyond their HR department. They’re a great example of how investment in the right digital technologies can help build resilience and agility to drive employee satisfaction in even the most challenging environment.