Healthcare Org Revolutionizes Legal Service Delivery with the Help of ServiceNow 

This non-profit healthcare organization serves thousands of patients across the United States, operating a medical group, hospital system, and several other health care facilities in the Midwest.  

Even with the consumption of healthcare services set to continue to grow throughout the next decade, today’s healthcare organizations  face the challenge of responding to the lingering effects of  the COVID-19 outbreak and its emerging variants. Protecting the bottom line has never been more important for businesses, and firms must adapt quickly to new business realities in order to emerge stronger than their peers. 

In response to COVID-19, virtual cross-departmental collaboration is now happening at a higher rate than ever before for nearly all teams. Unsurprisingly, over the last 18 months this trend has only amplified business process inefficiencies that existed before the pandemic., including crucial legal processes that would benefit greatly from an extra dose of speed and agility. 

Facing this new reality, this healthcare organization set out to modernize its legal service delivery strategy to elevate both their employee and patient experience across the organization. 

Finding a True Partner in Acorio 

Already leveraging ServiceNow ITSM, the organization was impressed with what they had accomplished throughout their existing roadmap and were actively investigating where next to expand their use of the platform.  

Legal Service Delivery, one of ServiceNow’s newest product offerings, offers a structured process to capture and manage demand for legal services with automated workflows. By implementing the solution, the healthcare org knew they could make use of ServiceNow’s fit-for-purpose digital workflow technology to route legal work more efficiently, from demand capture through to completion.  

The product would also grant them clearer insight into demand, operations, and performance with real-time operational dashboards available for the most critical tasks, requests, and legal matters their employees and patients need resolved. 

The organization was ready to start reaping the benefits of Legal Service Delivery, yet their less-than-stellar experience with previous partners made them hesitant to start a new project. Per the recommendation of the NOW team, the healthcare org partnered with Acorio to lead them in a pilot implementation of Legal Service Delivery, making them the first healthcare organization to implement the product.  

Aligning Business Processes to Keep up with the Pace of Business

Companies across industries need to trim down legal waiting periods in order to keep up with the pace of modern business. Healthcare organizations by nature face more legal complexities than other orgs, making speed especially important for solving legal requests.  

Shortening the legal approval process to bring patients faster, better care is crucial – from speeding up reviews of NDA agreements to approving visa applications and documentation for critical hospital staff, modern healthcare providers can’t afford to lose time with manual processes and broken chains of communication.  

With this in mind, the healthcare organization set out to implement a solution that would: 

  • Provide attorneys and paralegal staff with a tool to intake and streamline requests for legal service. 
  • Leverage real-time data to provide insight into workload, efficiency, and throughput. 
  • Validate and justify team capacity, services offered, and service levels via SLAs and reporting.

A Modern Solution, Powered by ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery

Looking to get this client’s solution up and running as quickly as possible, Acorio and the organization embarked on a ‘boot camp’ style implementation. This rapid implementation focused on sticking to out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities and ensuring the healthcare org’s legal team could expand functionality over time. 

All in all, the organization’s Legal Service Delivery solution included: 

  • Request intake forms 
  • Groups and access requirements 
  • State flow 
  • Catalog categories & structure 

In addition, the new Legal Services Catalog is now shown on the healthcare provider’s existing Service Portal. Acorio also completed a Knowledge transfer so that the client’s team can create additional catalog items, reports, and SLA’s as needed. 

Stepping into the Future with Solid Footing

With their new Legal Service Delivery solution, this healthcare provider’s bottom line is now better protected than ever before. Their legal services are now automated, reducing manual work (and therefore human error) and providing a clear audit trail should problems ever arise.  

The best part? Their legal team can now make better, faster decisions thanks to visibility into trends in both demand and performance, both historical and projected.  

As a result, this healthcare organization is armed with a solution that enables them to provide easier access to and better tracking of requests for legal services. They’re now empowered to route correspondence and requests more efficiently – sending things to the right person the first time and eliminating added manual work. 

We’re happy to report that they’re enjoying increased productivity after streamlining manual processes and eliminating silos. 

The next stop in their ServiceNow journey? The expansion of their existing HRSD instance to include payroll solutions, as well as a CSM implementation that will help them further smash silos and streamline business processes.