North American Energy Giant Powers Long-term Sustainability with ServiceNow

This leading integrated energy company operates one of the largest refining systems in North America. Multiple retail locations, as well as product transportation and logistics infrastructure, are included in its sprawling network – which is far from finished growing.

Thanks to breakthroughs in technology and digital transformation achieved over the past decade, energy systems worldwide have become more connected, smart, sustainable, and reliable than ever before. Understanding this growth, the energy powerhouse knew that to keep up with shifting consumer demand and an evolving industry landscape, they needed to embark on an IT transformation journey that would ensure long-term sustainability and scale.


Bridging the Gap to Streamlined Operations

A series of acquisitions over the past decade left the organization with internal departments and subsidiaries that were culturally, procedurally, and geographically disparate. The lack of visibility this caused across the enterprise left leadership craving a new way of working and planning.

Stemming from these disjointed departments was a cultural gap that needed to be bridged. Companies that had been acquired several years previously were left to operate seemingly independently, lacking a sense of connection to the wider enterprise. This created a wealth of technical debt that was costly to maintain. Leadership knew that this was not sustainable nor scalable, and needed to find a way to successfully integrate existing acquisitions while also establishing a smooth onboarding process for the future.

Due to its organizational silos, the energy powerhouse did not have an ITSM instance that effectively supported its many operations across North America. They needed a world-class ITSM instance that would support them as the world shifts – one that would scale and offer an improved user experience and visibility across all of their operations.

Trusting the ServiceNow Platform

In order to best serve its customers and ensure a unified Employee Experience, the organization needed a single ITSM instance that would support the entire organization.

The leadership team was convinced of the value of ServiceNow after seeing its potential in a new acquisition. They chose to expand the platform – trusting it to become the backbone of IT operations and provide the critical company-wide visibility and unified user experience they so needed. Combining several existing legacy ITSM tools into a single pane of glass supported by the ServiceNow platform would set them up for the long-term sustainability and scale they needed.

At the start of the project, Acorio introduced the energy enterprise to our Advisory practice and the value it delivers. Using Acorio’s Advisory services, the organization was equipped with a bespoke ServiceNow roadmap that would serve their unique needs and ensure long-term sustainability as they continue to engage in M&A activity in the future.

The energy company already had the benefit of a very experienced IT Service Manager with almost a decade of NOW experience. Acorio stepped on board as a true partner, providing critical guidance on Organizational Change Management (OCM).

A Single, Unified Vision of ITSM Supported by ServiceNow

Armed with a clear, strategic, and custom ServiceNow plan, the energy powerhouse then continued its NOW journey with a phased approach.

The project:

  • Consolidated multiple ITSM tools into a single greenfield ServiceNow Instance to run the business more efficiently
  • Configured the CMDB using ServiceNow Discovery and other data sources to underpin ITSM processes and enable improved reporting
  • Configured integrations between internal toolsets and eBonding to multiple Managed Services Vendors
  • Remained out-of-the-box (OOB) to simplify upgrades and ensure future scalability
  • Provided best practices on technical configuration and governance to ensure the sustainability of ServiceNow as an enterprise platform

The Acorio team stayed heavily invested in the success of the project, providing guidance on OCM as well as leading the collaboration internally between different groups.

Empowered to Scale

After six months, the project’s first phase was soft-launched over a weekend, with users eagerly accessing the new Service Portal that very next Monday morning.

The enterprise is now empowered to run their business more efficiently with a single, unified ServiceNow Instance that has successfully consolidated multiple ITSM tools and legacy systems. The new solution is completely OOB and therefore ready to scale alongside the enterprise through 2021 and beyond.

This organization effectively modernized and transformed its business processes to keep up with emerging trends. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, becoming more agile, resilient, and competitive through a well-thought-out digital strategy is critical.

Now, Looking Forward

Now deep into the second phase of their roadmap, the energy powerhouse will complete its functional ITSM instance, initiate work on ITBM and ITAM, and complete 2 final integrations.

This organization is proof that your ServiceNow journey is exactly that – yours. Forgoing a “one-size-fits-all” solution, the company enlisted Acorio to help create a custom ServiceNow roadmap that is steadily breaking down organizational silos, bridging cultural differences, and empowering long-term scalability.