Top Academic Hospital deploys an automated maintenance schedule with ServiceNow Orchestration and Event Management.

The Results

500,000Dollars saved in 1 year
3FTE time saved to work on more strategic problems
6,000Annual server reboots eliminated

The Challenge

A top academic medical center located in New York City and affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools. Among the top 10 hospitals in the US and largest private employer in NYC, they have been building on the ServiceNow platform for the last 3 years. Unfortunately, until their recent ITOM project, servers were still tracked in excel. Every year, they maintained a spreadsheet schedule of manual reboots to complete in their server environment. Over 6,000 reboots per year consumed the entire function of nearly three FTEs. These reboots were also often poorly communicated, and lacked the right change management protocols to govern them properly.

The Solution

After licensing Orchestration and Event Management for ServiceNow, The hospital worked with Acorio to create an automated maintenance schedule for timely server reboots. These reboots were then scripted via orchestration and tied into the change management process to ensure communication, as well as an appropriate workflow, testing and governance process.

The Results

Today, their reboots are fully automated and then logged into their systems as standard changes. Scripted emails also notify relevant business and application owners on planned changes (ahead of time). In addition to dramatically improving communications to the business and reducing the resources consumed by unplanned, ungoverned changes, the medical center is saving close to $500,000 this year alone in their three freed-up human capital resources.