Global Production Company Spotlights Employee Experience with ServiceNow HRSD Solution

Industry Challenges Push EX into the Spotlight

Amidst a competitive hiring landscape and such foundational industry shifts, employee experience has never been more important for today’s entertainment leaders. To keep up with the times and retain their top talent, organizations must provide a streamlined, modern experience for team members starting from their onboarding all the way until their offboarding or retirement.

Siloed Communication Weights on Industry Leader

No stranger to the entertainment industry or its challenges, this global production and distribution company has been in business for over 75 years.

Employees at the company voiced concern over not having a central way of communicating with the company. The organization has outgrown its previous communication approach comprised of a network of calls, emails and home-grown data bases. The tedious and cumbersome processes inhibited employees’ ability to get timely answers to questions, prompting the organization to find a solution. Frustrated with the siloed system, the team agreed they needed a centralized, modern HR solution.

“The Studio Experience”: A Commitment to a New HR Standard

Looking to optimize employee experience and increase retention, the production company’s HR team partnered with their IT department to find a solution. Together, the two departments rolled out “The Studio Experience,” a company initiative focused on prioritizing team members and their interactions throughout the organization. The initiative was motivated by three guiding focus areas: Employee Data & Security, Employee Engagement, and Employee Systems and Support.

Focused on the Employee Engagement category, this organization set their sights on a new HRSD solution. As an existing ServiceNow customer, employees were very accustomed to making IT requests but the platform had not yet been connected to their HR organization. With trained ServiceNow admins already staffed and ready, the company’s HR addition was a no-brainer as a strategic step in expanding their use of the ServiceNow platform across their enterprise.

Diving into ServiceNow HRSD

The client’s main focus for their solution was to centralize HR service requests onto a unified, sleek portal and streamline their onboarding process so that HR and IT could easily communicate and seamlessly pass work between each other.

With a centralized and uniform portal and visual HR catalog published for the team, nearly 3,000 employees at this organization now enjoy the ease of increased automation and ease of access to service. Automated workflows streamline work handoffs between teams, while increased visibility on assigned tasks in the new open system introduces more accountability, increasing effectiveness and lowering the mean time to resolve cases.

ServiceNow HRSD Resets the Standard for EX

As part of a phased approach, Acorio implemented ServiceNow HR Service Delivery to establish a central line of communication amongst the team for employee requests and provide a modern, simple experience for all. More specifically, the solution included:

  • HR Case and Knowledge Management, to standardize and automate the fulfillment and documentation of employee requests.
  • Employee Service Center Portal, to provide a one-stop portal for employee services
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Offboarding Lifecycle Event, to build experiences that support their employees at every step of their professional journey.
  • Mobile, to enable service for team members anywhere thanks to a native mobile app.
  • Workday Integration

Celebrating a Successful Launch

Done in one fell swoop, this client launched their new HRSD solution in a single release. Looking for a co-delivery approach, this client partnered with Acorio to implement and migrate the solution into a test instance before their internal team owned the final GoLive. While Acorio was present for the big launch to ensure everything ran smoothly, the team was set up for success to manage the launch without any major action from Acorio.

The co-development with this team was highly successful. The client’s development team were experienced ServiceNow admins who were communicative and organized. This made for a smooth co-development process despite such a large implementation. We’re thrilled to see that this client’s partnership with Acorio gave them the expertise to not only confidently run their Go-Live but also maintain their solution moving forward.

Making the Most of a New HR Approach

Before this project, this client struggled to keep track of disjointed employee service communications that relied heavily upon HR agents to keep track of internal cases and inquiries. This legacy system was overly manual and inconsistent across groups, due to a siloed network of tools.

No longer bogged down by cumbersome and tedious processes, their agents can focus on answering requests and providing an employee experience that matches the quality of their award-winning movies and TV shows. Employees are empowered with a modern portal to manage service requests, while HR and IT are fully supported with a true case management approach.

This client now has added visibility to learn where they can improve with the added ability to track metrics and hold the team accountable for improvements. With the increased maturity to their ServiceNow platform, this client is defining itself as a modern and streamlined organization leading the entertainment industry into the 21st century.