Suffolk University: Curating the student experience & increasing satisfaction

The Results

3Office Systems Consolidated

The Challenge

Previously at Suffolk, the Student Financial Services, Bursar and Registrar’s Offices functioned as three separate areas when providing customer service to students and their families. While collaboration behind the scenes did occur, students were often required to deal with each office individually to resolve an issue. In many cases, enrollment, student billing, and financial aid were interdependent.

The Solution

Suffolk decided to consolidate these three silo-ed customer service desks to a single “One-Stop Customer Service” center, the Ram Registration & Financial Center.

Suffolk’s One-Stops ServiceNow Solution Requirements:

  • Maintain, track, and analyze customer service inquiries
  • Share information, keep history, and track follow up action on a customer
  • Triage more complicated issues to appropriate specialists until issue is resolved
  • Retain the history of the customer service interaction for all staff to access in the future
  • Ability to use reporting functions within Service Now to track metrics surrounding the delivery of customer service
  • Serve a wide population of customers – undergraduate, graduate, and law students
  • Begin service prior to student enrollment

The Results

By leveraging the power of ServiceNow’s CSM solution, Suffolk created a more streamlined customer service leaving students with increased overall customer satisfaction. As a result of combined customer service approach, it is also expected the offices involved will gain efficiencies in the delivery of customer service.