Celebrate National WFH Day with the A-team: Tips, Highlights and More

When we heard that National Work From Home (WFH) Day was approaching, we knew we had to do something special to celebrate! Keep reading for tips to maximize productivity while WFH, why remote work is important to the A-team, and some of our favorite parts about WFH.

Tips for Maximizing WFH Productivity

The Acorio A-team expands across not only states but countries (shout out to the Canada A-team) and while some employees of the A-team have just begun their WFH journey, some are remote work veterans. But no matter the amount of remote experience, there’s always something to learn.

  1. Exercise

Moving your body throughout the day can often give you the boost of energy needed to finish out the day and gets you out of your chair!

“I feel refreshed when I get back to my desk from a walk, which equates to increased efficiency and productivity – a huge win!” – Kirsten Keller, Employee Experience Lead

2. Take a lunch break

It can be so easy to work through lunch, especially when your kitchen doubles as your office and dining space. Taking a true lunch break can get you refreshed for the second half of the day.

“Calling a friend or two during my lunch hour to see how their day is going or to check in on activities that may be planned for the upcoming weekend always makes me feel prepared and refreshed!” – Amy Goodin, Resource Manager

3. Set a schedule

Whether it’s your outlook calendar or a physical planner, scheduling out your days can help you make sure you’re maximizing your days and maintaining productivity.

4. Time blocking

Whether it’s the Pomodoro technique or the Eisenhower Matrix, time blocking goes hand in hand with setting a schedule. Say you’ve set time aside for focused work. Time blocking helps you decide how to manage that chunk of your day. There are more than nine techniques, so there truly is something for everyone!

“Blocking time out ensures that you get up from your desk to stretch your legs, or get a drink or a snack. It also gives you a firm time frame to tell yourself, ‘I am going to work on these two tasks, and in 90 minutes I can scroll through twitter and take the dog for a walk to clear my mind.'” – Kourtney Brewster, Consulting Manager

5. Maintain personal hygiene

We’ve all been there — it’s 5:30 in the afternoon and you realize you’re still in your pajamas. It happens to the best of us! Maintaining and prioritizing your hygiene will leave you feeling better and allows you to bring your best self to work or I guess your computer?

6. Designate a workspace

The pandemic has turned almost every room in our homes into multipurpose rooms. Your living room may have become a playroom, your basement a gym, and your bedroom an office. Designating a space strictly for work will make it easier to separate work from home (pun intended).

7. Ask for and offer help

Working remotely and alone can sometimes make you feel separated from your team and deter you from asking for help when you need it. If you’re struggling, reach out to your manager and if you see someone else on your team struggling, reach out to help!

“The way that WFH can contribute to imposter syndrome is not discussed enough. It’s important to ask for help, reach out to your team members to see if they need help, and to be candid about things you’re struggling with because there’s a good chance that others are struggling in similar or different ways — knowing this about your peers can help reduce the pressure and loneliness of working from home.” – Meaghan Grant, Platform Solutions Consultant

8. Turn on your video

Making it a priority to turn on your video for some of your meetings can really help you feel as if you’re connected to your team, especially if you joined a company remotely and have yet to meet your coworkers face to face. You never know how your smile can change someone’s day!

“There will never be a replacement for people seeing your face and understanding the inflection of your voice, associating that with your reactions and guidance during ups and downs.” – Kristin Elliot, Client Success Executive

9. Wear work clothes… sometimes

Sometimes it feels like we can’t get anything done unless we’re in our favorite sweatsuit. While it’s comfy, wearing “work clothes” can sometimes get you out of a WFH rut.

10. Stay connected

Water cooler chat meets Slack in this tip. Try to chat with your coworkers or make plans to meet up outside of work! A team that chats with one another stays together — that’s how the saying goes, right?

Why WFH is Important to the A-team

Remote work is engrained into Acorio’s DNA, and it’s safe to say that this approach is one of our employees’ favorite things about working here. Here are a few reasons why WFH is so important to the A-team.

“It’s so valuable to me as a military wife and mom to know that my job always moves where my family does. Having the flexibility and security of remote work fulfills me. I achieve the life balance that I desperately need when fulfilling many roles inside and outside of work.” – Karen McAndrew, Proposal Manager

“Working remotely allows my schedule to be flexible enough to meet the needs of my other ‘personas’ (mom, wife, homeowner, community member) during those critical hours and to also take excellent care of our clients.” – Shauna Kenyon, Business Process Consultant

“It’s important because I feel trust from Acorio and NTT DATA. I think that WFH builds a great employer/employee relationship.” – Sam Nardella

“WFH is very important to me because as I get older, each minute that passes has additional scrutiny on how I’m spending it — building for my future, enjoying life, managing stress, etc. Working from home has given me time back that would otherwise be spent sitting in a car dealing with traffic. As someone who’s been in several car accidents, including a major one that required hardware to be surgically installed into my neck, I cherish the fact I no longer have to commute during rush hour or early mornings.” – John Ryan, Business Process Consultant

“Remote work is important to me because it gives me more time to be available to my family and myself. Being a few steps away instead of a long commute away from home life reduces my stress.” – Marci Parker, VP of ServiceNow Practice

The A-team’s Favorite Parts of WFH

WFH, remote work, and hybrid work have stuck around even though the world is mostly back to normal since the start of the pandemic, and for good reason: it’s great! Here are some of our favorite parts about WFH.

“My favorite part about working from home is that I am not missing out on the important things with my 2-year-old twin girls. If I hear my mom cracking up or the girls giggling to no end, I can easily stick my head out of my office and see them dancing, singing, or just doing something silly. It makes my day and puts me in a better mood for work, thus making me a better consultant.” – Jeremy Byers, Technical Consultant

“I love my morning ritual of making coffee and now it’s not just for weekends. I get to do something I love doing every morning as a part of my getting ready and setting my intention for work.” – Toni Siragusa, CSM Practice Lead

“It always broke my heart a little to say goodbye to my pups and leave them for 9 plus hours a day when I worked in an office. Nothing is a better stress reliever than to snuggle a puppy after a long workshop, a stressful call or well, for any reason really.” – Viv Phillips, Organizational Change Management Service Lead

“I love being able to get into a flow state of development work in my room with my window view, my endless supply of coffee and water, and sometimes, if I need a mental boost, with a podcast or rad playlist on. I enjoy client calls and being able to ask them what the weather’s been like in their universe and hear a different response every time.” – Judy Dong, Technical Consultant

“Since I am in pacific time, I’m able to start my day early and take a break later to finish my chores. I also love being able to be home waiting when my kids get home from school and day care.” – Kavita Kulkarni, Sr. Technical Consultant