Choose Your Own Adventure K19 Addition

In less than a week, the ServiceNow community will be headed to Las Vegas to attend Knowledge2019, the platform’s annual conference. These five days are all about learning with ServiceNow:  presenting innovations, sharing helpful tips, and getting inspiration from other project teams.

But Las Vegas is also the entertainment capital of the world, so, needless to say, there will be plenty going on outside of the conference too.

Acorio Execs, Techies and Sales Share Inside Tips on How to Conquer Knowledge

With so many K19 sessions and downtime activities to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down and pick which ones you’d like to attend, but worry not! We asked our Execs, Techies and Sales teams for their recommendations. We compiled their answers into a quick, comprehensive guide so that you can see how other industry professionals are spending their time in the city that seems to never sleep.

1. Ryan Gillespie, Technical Consultant

Here are a few of the sessions this Technical Consultant will be attending at Knowledge this year:

  • Integrate an Amazon IoT Dash Button with ServiceNow. He’s really curious to see the use cases, as well as how it plays out.
  • Fireside chat with Fred Luddy, ServiceNow Founder and Chairman of the Board. Ryan’s very interested in hearing from the man, the myth, the legend: Fred Luddy!

In general, Ryan says that he is also really looking forward to all of the keynotes because they have a lot to offer; not only building excitement for the future but also providing a glimpse into what we can expect and how to leverage the platform. In fact, Ryan will be contributing to this, he is one of Knowledge19’s presenters. He and Acorio Architect, Richard Norton, will be giving a presentation “Translate Business Requirments into Development” on the first day of the conference.

Beyond the Expo Now hall, Ryan’s main priority is meeting up with former and existing clients to see how they are doing and just spend a little time connecting with them in an informal setting. Ryan’s not much of a gambler, and to him, the Knowledge experience is all about connecting and learning, not hanging out at the slots.

2. Johnathan Lawer, Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Manager, Jonathan Lawer is most excited about attending a lot of ServiceNow customer presentations at K19 this year. These types of presentations really showcase the unique ways that the platform is being used and applied, plus it’s a great way to network with peers that are in similar industries as you! Some of the customer presentations that Jonathan plans to attend include:

  • Arrow Electronics
  • Daimler
  • Expedia
  • Dish Network
  • IHS Markit

As for his time away from the conference, Lawer hopes to spend more time at the hotel gym between daytime and evening obligations than he spends at the casino.

3.David Sok, Technical Consultant

David’s journey to Knowledge has been a special one. Each year at our Annual Team Summit (this year in San Diego) the entire company gets together for a charity auction on the third night. We auction everything from hand-knit shawls to craft beers to… a ticket to Knowledge. This year David was the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to NAMI.

Given his exciting entrance into the conference, he has lots on his agenda for the week. Beside’s staffing the Acorio K19 booth, David plans to attend all of the keynotes as well as the CreatorCon Hackathon. His top picks out of the keynotes are the IT and Customer Workflow sessions.

Why these sessions? David says, “these are the sessions that I work closely with as a TC. I’d like to understand where ServiceNow is going with their IT workflows. It’d be nice to find out how I can better guide clients to success.” Kudos, David! We can’t wait to hear all about these sessions next week!

The first item on David’s non-conference to-do list in Vegas? Buffets! I guess after being on your feet all day, you’ll have an appetite. He also recommends ziplining at Fly Linq Zipline, and making a stop at Topgolf during your stay. Last but not least on his list of activities for the city that never sleeps? More buffets, of course!

4. Kathy Blackburn, Senior Technical Consultant

When it comes to the conference, Senior Technical Consultant, Kathy Blackburn is most excited about Acorio’s penthouse party (I must admit, as part of the marketing team, I am honored to see this answer made the list!). This TC said she’s also looking forward to meeting and networking with our clients in person noting that “working remotely absolutely has its advantages, however, seeing folks in person that I’ve interacted with on projects in the digital realm is a special treat.”

Kathy is also planning to attend sessions related to Flow Designer and Agent Workspace. These features were introduced recently onto the platform and she’s excited to dive into some hands-on labs. Though not part of the ServiceNow core product suites like CSM or ITSM, Kathy predicts that these tools will become very integral and transformative features for core products on the platform as adoption rises and new releases come out.

As for activities outside of the conference, Kathy recommends the following:

  • A Penn and Teller show, if time permits. Magic and comedy? What more could we ask for to make the perfect night in Vegas?
  • For the outdoorsy types, Kathy suggests taking a hike out at Red Rock Canyon. Only a 30-minute drive from the Venetian, it’s a lovely landscape removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Other Helpful Tips for K19

You’ve heard from members of our Sales and Delivery Team about their plans and recommendations for Knowledge. Now, comes our VP of Solutions and Innovation, Adam Mason, with four pieces of advice for next week:

  1. Don’t over-book yourself -take one session per day off.
  2. Find others in your sessions with similar challenges or opportunities and network. You will learn more from others than the sessions (outside of technical stuff).
  3. Go to the hackathon, even if you aren’t building. You never know what ideas may come to you until you see people stretching the platform.
  4. Lastly, schedule a massage on the last day. Your feet and back will thank you.

Whether you’re spending your days learning about IT workflows, Flow Designer, or watching the Creator Con hackathon, you’re sure to learn a lot at Knowledge19 next week.

This conference is a valuable time to meet new colleagues in the industry, learn about new innovations on the platform, and see how ServiceNow customers are changing the way they make work, work. We hope you have fun in Vegas – may your days be filled with informative presentations and demos, and your nights filled with magic shows, winning poker hands, and lots of all-you-can-eat buffets.

Even if you’re not able to attend Knowledge 2019, hopefully, you will get to head out to Vegas for a little fun of your own in the near future. In the meantime, we have a lottery’s worth of content for you – all available on our K19 site. And, if you really want to win big, enter to win a pair of Apple AirPods.

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