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It’s only the third week of February and 2019 is already off to a great start.

The first few weeks of the new year have definitely kept Acorio busy, and for good reason! When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, Acorians really hit the ground running…Today we’re sharing some of our most recent Go-Lives, ranging in size, industry, and ServiceNow products. Take a look to see how the power of the ServiceNow platform is changing the way all of these companies do work.  

Global Specialty Materials Supplier: HR Transformation with ServiceNow

This multinational company, with business operations in over 70 countries, teamed up with Acorio to complete the first wave of implementing a new global HR operating model, which included building out a global employee portal, global HR Case Management, as well as Global Knowledge. In just under a year, the project went live with 493 stories, 178 HR Services Configured, 122 catalog items and over 3,500 Knowledge Articles imported, conditioned, and related to Parents. Not to mention the 9 different connect support (chat) queues and 17,000 non-OOB Data Elements translated into 8 languages.  

This client is very excited about completing the first wave of their new HR model, and their users are happy too. On the first day of the Go-Live, there were over 57,000 hits to the portal that Acorio developed; 8,000+ Knowledge articles searches in 8 languages, and 133 HR cases opened. After such a strong start to the project, the Acorio team is excited to see how this client’s HR model continues to develop in the future.

Public U.S. University: Core Implementation

As part of a 23 campus university system, Acorio worked with this university over 4 months to migrate from an existing tool (Footprints) to an initial ServiceNow implementation that would allow for future expansion to other groups on campus. Acorio’s solution and architecture included Incident Management, Notifications, SLAs, CMDB import, as well as an integration with PeopleSoft.  

This client’s implementation is now officially online, serving their 26,000+ students and staff members across campus. The client is excited about their successful Go-GetLive, which took place during a break while students and staff were between semesters. Class is now back in session and their instance is up and running – needless to say, Acorio and the client are very happy with the finished product.  

ServiceNow Higher Education

Government Agency: London Upgrade

Acorio worked with this client to upgrade their instance to ServiceNow’s London release. Coming in under budget, the solution involved upgrading their instances, testing existing functionality as well as in-flight development in non-production environments before upgrading production, along with Knowledge transfer of new upgrade functionality and updates required to ensure existing functionality was not impacted by the upgrade.  There was also a week of support following the Go-Live if any issues arose, which there were none.   

We’re happy to report that the Go-Live was a success. The client happily remains in compliance with ServiceNow’s upgrade requirements and is now rocking a newly upgraded system. All-in-all, this was a great project and a perfect example of why clients should stay up-to-date with the latest software to get the most of the ServiceNow platform!  

Private Financial Services Company: Risk Task Case (CSM Enhancement) Phase I

Between a 12-week timeline, a Thanksgiving holiday and a Christmas/New Year client shutdown window in the mix, this project required diligent scheduling and a strict timeline in order to stay on track for the planned Go-Live date. After deploying CSM with this client in September of last year, Acorio partnered with them again to provide further enhancements to the module, specifically the ability to enhance the tracking and management of their Dispute Cases.  

Our provided solution created a new Risk Task Case to replace the current use of Access DB and Email2Case functionality for communication with customers; it was all ready to roll by the end of January! The timeline was met and the client is very content with their Go-Live and new implementation.  

U.S. Commercial Bank: ServiceNow CMDB Remediation

Following recommendations from their CMDB Health Check and Roadmap project, this commercial bank partnered with Acorio to remediate their CMDB. The project’s solution included implementing and configuring 18 CMDB recommended changes that were prioritized by the client.  

 As for Go-Live planning, some changes were performed directly in production while the remaining stories were configured, tested and moved to production in mid-January.  Their instance is now up and running successfully!  

CMDB ServiceNow eBook

American Transportation Company: Change Management

Committed to going the extra mile (pun somewhat intended), in just 9 weeks (including the Christmas and New Year holiday) this leading transportation company partnered with Acorio to establish Change Management that is aligned with their global process and policy before an audit observation.   

Our ServiceNow experts worked diligently to realign the client’s instance back to out of the box, which proved to work well. This client started off 2019 with a bang, setting their instance live right after the New Year on January 2nd.  The Go-Live was a success and the client is satisfied with their new Change Management solution. We’re happy to see that they’re now ready for any audits coming their way!  

These clients are making the most of the new year, and there’s no reason you can’t follow suit. If you’re looking for more client success stories from 2019, check out our most recent case study on Wawanesa and their Service Desk transformation 

ServiceNow Insurance Case Study

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