Year in Review: 10 of Our Favorite Client Projects from 2020

We’ve finally made our way into the last week of a year that has been like no other, and what else is there to say but thank you. Although 2020 challenged us in a multitude of ways, our team hunkered down to keep their work flowing, continuing to roll out successful projects with clients even while navigating newly remote workshops and other dynamics transformed by the switch to remote work.

For today’s blog, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to recap a select few of our favorite GoLives of 2020. Keep reading to see 10 of our favorite projects from this year.

1. Healthcare Payer Transforms Employee Experience for their Team of 45,000

As one of the largest healthcare payers in the US, this company was looking to transform their HR department and do away with their siloed systems. Previously requiring employees to navigate multiple systems just to close a single HR case, this payer’s disparate systems provided minimal visibility into what types of cases came in, how long they took to resolve, and what follow-up was needed. They knew they needed to implement a new solution that would allow their 45,000+ employees to do their best work.

Next, we embarked upon a six-week Blueprint phase that identified 13 different workstreams, ultimately providing a best-in-class employee & HR team experience, an OOTB solution that can be easily maintained and configured to capture future innovations, and a system that achieves continuous improvement through actionable analytics.

As a result, this project has totally transformed the way this healthcare payer’s employees work – they now enjoy a new unified HR and IT Portal, and an optimized system to log in and self-serve. With an intuitive interface and Knowledge library, employees are empowered to find solutions faster and track the progress of submitted cases.

With agility the new standard, when COVID-19 hit, their ServiceNow environment gave them the capability to deploy an emergency app to provide over $1.8M in relief for their employees as well as communicate changes brought on by COVID-19. A huge win for 2020.

2. Fortune 500 Data Science Firm Delivers a Superior Employee Experience

A truly global entity, this Fortune 500 data science company employs over 65,000 people across 100 countries – all with unique roles and personas. Yet, the organization had no existing tool or harmonized process to effectively onboard their potential 17,000 annual new hires.

Knowing they needed to implement a formalized and consistent approach to bring new employees into the fold, this Fortune 500 company looked to ServiceNow as the platform to build a custom solution that would provide greater visibility to HR and increase governance to employees during their onboarding. When finished, the Custom App would not only ensure all new hires received a uniform onboarding experience, but it would also provide managers with the visibility and flexibility they needed to assign tasks to their teams and ensure they were completed on time.

After partnering with Acorio, this Fortune 500 data science company is now able to provide a modern, seamless employee onboarding experience to its team. As COVID-19 continues to challenge companies looking to keep their team engaged, providing a streamlined and defined onboarding process is more crucial than ever for this firm as they continue to welcome new hires into their global workforce amidst a rapidly-changing professional landscape.

The best part? Not only can the Fortune 500’s new ServiceNow solution be used to onboard new employees – with a few tweaks, the company can also use the framework Acorio built to establish and manage other employees’ “to-do” activities going forward.

3. Fortune 500 Auto Retailer Streamlines Shared Services with a Custom ServiceNow App

As one of the fastest-growing companies in the Fortune 500, this automotive retailer knows they’ll face increasing pressure as consumer demands shift and technology evolves. Thus, they set out to streamline their internal operations priming themselves for growth and success over the next few years.

The goal was to automate and separate their Shared Services workflows from their broader IT workflows to provide a single point of entry for their Shared Services associates and reduce friction for the user. This project was especially important because the Shared Services organization solely relied on email to communicate and take in dealer requests, minimizing visibility into what kind of requests were coming in, how long they took to resolve, and if any follow up was needed.

As the Acorio team dug deeper into the project, it became clear there would be two distinct populations that would be using the finished app to complete different tasks. Acorio remained flexible throughout the project, ultimately deciding to implement two separate apps to avoid heavy customizations and give each team the functionality they deserved.

The company now has two Custom Apps within ServiceNow to provide Case Management for Shared Services and Facilities. Email has been integrated so that users can still submit requests in the format most familiar to them, but now those emails are routed to the correct agents and prioritized according to set workflows that ensure a uniform process across the company. Using this solution, the Shared Services agents experience greater visibility, improved efficiency, and reduced time to resolution. They’re even empowered to identify major incidents now that they have total visibility across the department with a single pane of glass.  

4. Top 5 Defense Contractor Achieves Speed and Scalability with ServiceNow

This Top Five American Defense Contractor has been at the forefront of defense innovation for over two decades, yet fast growth and rapidly increasing sales exposed a lack of scalable, agile business processes within their organization. They needed an enterprise management platform that could support their expanding business and their customers’ growing need for continued product maintenance.

The need to reduce customer response time, improve the customer experience (CX), and curtail rising costs for support and maintenance as their business expanded spurred the defense contractor into action. They knew they needed a single, unified vision of CSM to simplify and standardize their CX and reduce confusion and drive efficiency for employees and customers alike.

Acorio’s Advisory team took a tailored approach that assessed the company’s functional requirements and processes, identified the most effective framework for customer support in the future, and then delivered a strategy to execute this vision. Moving forward, the defense contractor now has a concrete ServiceNow Roadmap that will align and optimize their Service Operating model. Next on the roster for this client? Building and deploying ServiceNow’s CSM solution with the help of Acorio – the first step in their long-term ServiceNow roadmap that will drive scalability by integrating all LOBs into a single Service Management instance.

By leveraging ServiceNow to automate tasks and integrating multiple systems to drive employee productivity and operational excellence, the defense contractor is projected to save an estimated $77 million over the next five years.  

5. American Credit Union Mitigates Risk and Drives Employee Satisfaction with Acorio’s Advisory Services

As one of the largest Credit Unions in the United States, this client was striving to deliver the agility and innovation needed to ensure long-term success. Aiming to redefine their employee experience to unlock a better customer experience for their members, the firm sought out ServiceNow’s unique ability to connect and streamline siloed business processes and provide accurate reporting and clear audit trails.

An Asset audit facing the Credit Union also hit the gas on their digital transformation efforts. They knew that implementing a true Enterprise Service Management platform that would give a holistic overview of all operations would transform not only their security and risk management but also their employee and customer experience. 

Yet like many organizations implementing the platform, the team lacked the critical experience needed to develop a realistic long-term roadmap that would deliver its transformative value. That’s where we came in.

Empowered with an exhaustive roadmap that would streamline IT services and revamp the employee experience, the Credit Union and Acorio first rolled out ServiceNow with a strong focus on Audit readiness, Asset Management, Discovery, and a baseline ITSM instance in a 13-week phased approach – keeping in mind that the platform would continue to expand across the organization once this solid foundation was in place.

With its new baseline in ServiceNow, the Credit Union now has a single system of truth that allows them to confidently pass audits with less time and effort. While successfully reducing risk and driving connectivity across ITSM processes, they have also granted employees and leadership more visibility and reduced entropy making their employees more effective and empowered. And they’re not stopping there– with Acorio at their side, they’re hard at work journeying through the rest of their strategic roadmap with ITBM, GRC, SecOps, and HRSD next on the docket.

6. Global Medical Company Brings its ITSM Instance into the Future Using ServiceNow

Ten years after their acquisition by an international pharmaceutical company, this medical organization was ready to separate from its parent company and realize their two-year plan to open and independently operate 150+ global sites. To become a standalone organization and move forward with their newfound autonomy, they needed to develop their own internal IT infrastructure, ultimately looking at ServiceNow’s ITSM solution to help them track their transition, while under a strict timeline and regulatory requirements.

As the first order of business, the Acorio team completed an Advisory project in which they evaluated the company’s ITSM instance, their immediate needs, and how to proceed. Acorio identified over 80 Services across HR, Finance, and Procurement functions and defined and prioritized which services were required to move forward with the company’s separation. Next, the company moved into a new ITSM rollout that left them with a fully developed and functional instance that provides visibility, increases efficiency and security, and serves as a foundation for their expansion ambitions.

The biopharma now has the basis of a comprehensive ITSM environment suitable for a major corporation. This environment meets the regulatory requirements and will be used for years to come as they roll out the use of this environment across their many locations nationwide. They have the agility that will be crucial for them to navigate changes in the life sciences industry through 2020 and beyond.

The organization is extremely happy with the final product and has signed onto additional contracts with Acorio, trusting the team to continue to partner with them to further develop their ServiceNow instance well into the future. Up next on the shortlist: enabling Finance and Procurement Service Management in the company’s ServiceNow instance.

7. National Craft Store – Vendor Risk Management Implementation

As one of North America’s largest providers of arts and crafts supplies, this retail brand boasts over 1,200 stores. This client was looking to expand their use of the ServiceNow platform to include Vendor Risk Management, with an emphasis on automating processes and utilizing ServiceNow as the single source for vendor information to provide better tracking and consolidation. Their business objectives focused on taking advantage of vendor tiering within the ServiceNow platform to better understand and evaluate their IT vendors; tracking vendor contracts, as well as monitoring those contracts towards expiry and/or renewal; and leveraging ServiceNow functionality to report on which vendors have completed a risk assessment.

Acorio partnered with this customer to provide a central repository of IT vendors, vendors ranked by tiers, automated and consistent tiering, and vendor risk scoring models, along with a vendor portal and vendor self-managed user accounts. Overall, the project was successful and the teams worked well together to deliver a successful Vendor Risk Management Implementation.

8. Regional Health Insurance Company – CMDB Remediation/ Discovery/ Service Mapping

Serving more than 2 million people across the Pacific Northwest, this Health Insurance Company provides comprehensive, tailored services to customers in Washington and Alaska that include innovative programs focused on wellness and prevention, disease management, and patient safety. After falling victim to a security/data breach, this organization was mandated to implement improved Security Controls and Processes. Acorio was brought in to do a CMDB Healthcheck & Remediation and to implement initial Service Maps to help them identify and control changes to key Services/Systems that housed sensitive information.

We partnered with this client to establish a complete and healthy CMDB built on Discovery, provide an all-encompassing CMDB and Discovery platform review, and advise the client on improving CMDB activities while providing immediate value via CMDB remediation. We also created initial Service Maps to develop a model for correlation of CI data and business services, in order to aid risk analysis for change and root cause analysis, to improve customer experience.

We’re happy to report that even with a tight timeframe mandated by the Litigation requirements and Covid-19 issues that forced the client team to transition to work from home, Acorio was able to successfully meet the deadline and support this client from start to finish.

9. Pet Retailer Implements ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace App to Ensure the Safety of their Team

After more than 50 years of service, this American pet specialty retailer manages 26,000 employees across its 1,500+ locations in North America. In response to COVID-19, this organization was looking for a solution that could help their HR team enable employees to safely return back to their office. With a very aggressive timetable and limited internal resources available, this firm partnered with Acorio to get their solution up and running in just three short weeks.

The ever-evolving COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC had the client’s Legal and HR teams adjusting requirements for questionnaire and email notifications daily, but Acorio rolled easy and adjusted our timeline to accommodate this fast-paced project and its unpredictable requirement changes. The biggest challenge from this Go-Live was when our Delivery team discovered that the client’s instance was on Madrid, which does not support the ServiceNow Mobile App, preventing the use of the Mobile App and QR code functionality. Instead, Acorio deployed the Employee Health Screening app from the Safe Workplace suite for this client on their ServiceNow platform. The result? Employees receive an email with a link to the questionnaire to be completed at home. If they pass, employees will receive a mobile-friendly email that is valid for that day. This mobile-friendly email is presented and verified by front desk staff to allow them into the building.

More specifically, due to the needs required by their safety team, this client only allows individuals into the office every other week. Acorio developed a flexible solution to manage this and to onboard new locations ad-hoc as needed. Acorio also helped deploy the Safe Workplace Dashboard product from ServiceNow in a limited capacity so that the client team could view their screening statuses for their locations, along with COVID-19 data near their locations.

We are so happy to see this firm’s employees safely back in the office and the organization working to further develop their ServiceNow platform functions.

10. File Hosting Company Implements HAM, ITSM, and Event Requests 

With a plethora of work management tools, this national file hosting company pivoted to ServiceNow to replace their existing tools and run the business on a single platform. Knowing that this client was looking to take full advantage of the platform, Acorio partnered with their team to ensure the project laid a solid foundation for future platform expansion and growth.  

We began by implementing Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and IT Service Management (including Incident, Problem, Service Request, Knowledge, and Configuration Management). The team also configured integrations with Jira, Okta, and various other tools for the client. Lastly, Acorio created a custom developed solution for requesting and fulfilling global services related to corporate events. They have sought this capability for three years, and prior to the new solution, they labored under a highly manual, email oriented, and disjointed system. Needless to say, they’re elated with their new Event Requests functionality and overall solution.  

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