Acorio's Coronavirus Response Plan

Updated: April 28, 2020

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation developing rapidly, Acorio believes it’s important to share how we are responding to the outbreak.

We are approaching this situation with the same transparency and empathy as we run our business. Acorio’s top priority is the wellbeing of our employees and our clients.

The information below is reflective of our guidelines and practices. We are prepared to iterate on our approach given the rapidly changing landscape. We will update this post to reflect any fundamental changes to our plan.

Employee Travel

All business travel is halted through May 18. This includes all new employee onboarding, Acorio Academy and Acorio Bootcamp workshops which we will now deliver virtually.  We also are encouraging employees to reconsider personal travel and discouraging travel outside of the US at this time. We believe this is a critical motion in order to protect our clients, community and employees from viral exposure. We will reassess on May 18th for future travel decisions.

Remote Work

Acorio is a “remote first” organization fully adept at running our business virtually. Therefore, it will be business as usual for us leveraging Slack and Zoom to collaborate with clients and each other. While we do have offices in Boston, Chicago and Spain, we are requiring all office employees to work from home until further notice at this time.

We are well equipped to run client workshops remotely and have a number of proven methods for successful remote engagement and collaboration we are happy to share with our clients.

Business Continuity

Keeping critical business operations up and running for our clients is paramount. Acorio maintains a Business Continuity plan that focuses both on preventing outages as well as rapid recovery strategies.  As an added measure we are providing personal VPN solutions to all employees.

Additionally, we understand that many of our clients in IT, HR, Customer Support, Finance are now adding responsibilities to provide critical operational support for their organizations. We have expanded our managed support offerings and added team members to our Virtual Assistance Groups to support our customers during these critical and changing times.

Customer Support for ServiceNow’s New Emergency Apps

ServiceNow has recently launched Four New Emergency Apps to support emergency relief efforts. If you would like our assistance in setting up any of the free apps for your organization, Acorio will do so at no charge.

  • Emergency Response Operations. Initially created by the Washington State Department of Health, this ServiceNow app supports emergency response and preparedness at the state and local government levels, as well as for enterprises. It helps optimize resources and staff in critical locations. The Emergency Response Operations app will always be free of charge.
  • Emergency Outreach, Emergency Self Report and Emergency Exposure Management. These three free apps are designed to help you and your employees stay connected, up-to-date, and effective during this time of crisis management. The Emergency Outreach workflow uses the Now Platform to connect with employees and assess the impact of an emergency. It allows employees to reach out by email and access safety information or to questions from their employers.

Internal Communications

As is our custom, we are sharing information with our entire employee population in a rapid and transparent fashion.  We have set up a Coronavirus taskforce that meets every morning to align on developments.  We have created a “Coronavirus Central” knowledge base on our ServiceNow instance where information from the taskforce meetings is shared in real time with employees.  We are holding weekly all-company “Open Mic” meetings where employees can ask our CEO anything, and we are hosting weekly all-company virtual gatherings to ensure employees continue to feel a sense of community and hope.

This remains a complicated situation that reminds us that we are all part of one planet and must look out for one another.  This is what Acorio will continue to do.  We hope this information is helpful in understanding how Acorio is responding to coronavirus.