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Data Talks: ServiceNow Functions Across the Enterprise [Chart]

When it comes to understanding ServiceNow, or even broader Service Management trends, you need data that provides a narrative with real value.

Which is why, even though we have entire books on ServiceNow data, we’ve decided to break it down one chart at a time. In our new Data Talks blog series, we’ll present to you a single chart, that you can mull over then drag-and-drop into your next powerpoint presentation.

ServiceNow Functions Across the Enterprise

ServiceNow Data Talks chart

This chart, from our ServiceNow Insight and Vision Survey of over 320+ ServiceNow users, details the ServiceNow functions at Medium (1,000 -5,000 employees) and Large (5,001+ employees) companies.

With nearly 200 data points contributing to this chart, there are dozens of takeaways and applications. Maybe you want to add it to a pitch presentation for HRSD, to show how you could differentiate from your Medium sized competitors and get to the next level. Whatever your end goal might be, here are three possible takeaways from the chart:

  1. IT, which includes IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM), clearly has the edge on all the other business areas. The strong showing showcases ServiceNow’s ITSM roots as well as their recent focus on the product in the Madrid release. For example, the release marks the first time that users can easily use ServiceNow’s ITSM and Field Service Management tools right from their phones or tablets.
  2. HR Service Delivery (HRSD), Customer Service Management (CSM) and Business Management also have signification market share. Given ServiceNow’s wide recognition for their platform expansion, this hits home that ServiceNow is no longer just a tool to be implemented in IT or to consolidate your existing IT tools. It’s its own stand-alone platform that is responsive to ever increasing new processes, priorities, and roles in enterprises around the globe.
  3. The difference between Medium and Large companies using HRSD is significant, but we expect the gap to be closing. At first glance, it’s clear that Large companies have the edge in using the HR Platform for their self-service, case management, and other HR functions as compared to Medium companies. But anecdotally, as we heard at Knowledge19, with our own clients, and on ServiceNow’s earnings call, HR is the fastest growing product in the platform. This is true not only for enterprise-level companies but medium companies who are looking to keep their employees engaged and productive as well.

Of course, the data fun doesn’t have to end here. Check out our Service Management Executive Insight and Vision Report for eight more Service Management and ServiceNow trend charts.

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