Discover Acorio’s Annual ServiceNow Service Portal Lookbook

Every year, for the past four years, Acorio has published a ServiceNow Service Portal Lookbook – to inspire you and your team on what’s possible with a clean, smart portal. This year’s lookbook was no different, featuring stories and images from four distinct customers:

  • Major unified school district uses ServiceNow to enable connections.
  • Software provider combines disparate systems into internal and external portals.
  • Investment firm adds HR capabilities to their mature ServiceNow instance.
  • Non-profit community healthcare system revamps their employee experience.

Want to take a look inside?


Major Unified School District

One of the top ten largest districts in the nation, this unified school system serves over half a million students, parents, guardians, and community members on the West Coast of the United States.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place and virtual learning a new reality, the unified school district sought a digital solution that would enable and empower increased connection, rather than keep students and their families feeling detached while away from the classroom.

Understanding that their legacy systems and outdated call fielding processes would not be sustainable in this new climate, school leadership sought to streamline service for constituents. Their end goal? Provide a positive and modern user experience so that community members could easily find answers to their questions and quickly make requests.

Before working with Acorio, each individual school was left to its own devices to manage the overflow of phone calls, emails, and comments coming from families. This approach resulted in schools using various combinations of applications to track correspondence, including email, spreadsheets, online ticketing systems, phone, and chat. In many cases, information on these interactions went unsaved, resulting in a tremendous lack of visibility at the district level.

The added pressure from parents or guardians who could not physically visit schools to voice concerns prompted the organization to find a digital solution that could unify their disparate systems and processes. Thus, they set out to establish a centralized Enterprise Service Desk as a simplified entry point for frequently asked questions and concerns as well as a single source of truth to track requests and correspondence. Their new tailored ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) plan was to optimize how they receive and respond to requests by:

  • Improving the user experience to increase satisfaction for students, parents or guardians, and community members
  • Collecting metrics and identifying trends to find areas of improvement and drive efficiency

By establishing Knowledge in ServiceNow, the school also has new reporting and metric capabilities so they can make continuous improvements long after their initial rollout.

Their new solution also integrates seamlessly with their existing telephone system, Amazon Connect, thus allowing them to locate information on callers and share it with their agents. This will cut down introduction time and empower agents to anticipate their callers’ needs to provide a super simple experience for users calling into the school.

Already leveraging Self Service and Virtual Agent in ServiceNow to handle Tier 0 requests, the school has begun filtering out a sizable chunk of work for their agents. Right now, Tier 1 requests are routed to agents while Tier 2 requests (eg. anything regarding confidential personal information or involving special education) filter to specialists.

This framework makes the process more efficient for everyone involved: parents or guardians who are busy with work can quickly get information or provide feedback without sitting on hold, and agents have more time to focus on requests that necessitate their complete attention.

Download the full eBook here.