A Modern Employee

Going beyond your employee’s basic needs to renew your Employee Experience

Employee Experience goes beyond the traditional functions performed by HR and yet firms often view employee issues as falling into separate categories like HR, IT, Facilities, and Finance. But, for your individual team members, each of these instances contribute to and affect their overall employee experience.

And while employees need easy access to their tools and quick answers to their questions so that they can focus on their work, the employee experience goes deeper than the systems you use or the strategies you employ. The most successful companies know that strategies and processes alone aren’t enough to provide a top-notch employee experience.

In fact, real improvements to employee experience start with a pointed and authentic focus from the leadership team, directed towards caring for their team. Driven by this mission, companies are able to go beyond the basic needs of their teams to exceed expectations and revamp their employee experience.

Returning to Work

(or adjusting to work from home)

With the effects of COVID-19, the experience of your team is more important than ever. While most employees are either working from home, away from their coworkers and managers, or adjusting to new and ever-evolving office safety protocols, it’s critical to keep them engaged and feeling empowered to continue doing their best. By integrating employee services across enterprise departments, you can modernize the work experience for your team, making them feel more supported and better suited to tackle their assignments amidst unprecedented circumstances.

With many employees unsure if or when they will be returning to work, the employee experience is the most important tie connecting a company to its team members at home. By renewing your employee experience, you can take advantage of this moment and declare to your team that your organization is strong and secure. With a modern employee experience system in place, your organization can:

Demonstrate compassionate leadership through awareness and empathy

Streamline company messaging to employees with steady and centralized communications

Coach managers on new skills for remote management

Invest in development of employee-to-employee relationships

Create a network of teams

Cultivate inclusion and safety

Deliver a personalized approach to fostering culture and change

Moments that matter

Your team members all have different requests throughout their employee journey, requiring varied support scattered across numerous departments: submitting hiring paperwork, getting a promotion, requesting parental leave, or relocating to a new home. These moments, big and small, are opportunities to provide a seamless service, yet many companies are dropping the ball, leaving employees frustrated, unsatisfied, and disengaged.

Employee Experience goes beyond the traditional functions performed by HR

How do digital workflows provide a consumer-grade employee experience?

Remove friction and inefficiencies from employee requests/questions

Guide people to the right systems and departments

Enable team members to get relevant help at any time

Share information with all pertinent employees

Connected, Simple Service

Digitize employee service with the Employee Service Center, which provides a single location for employees to find user-specific content, receive targeted communications, and submit and track service requests.

Increase access to service with round-the-clock help and native mobile capabilities so that employees can access services outside of work hours and straight form their cellphones.

Align HR and IT departments with integrated workflows, providing employees with a smooth work experience starting on day one and leaving departments with fewer inquiries.

Personalize your Employee Experience by leveraging employee-related data to present content that is important, relevant, and timely to each of your employees. Furthermore, you can share this information in the preferred tone of your organization.

Ensure your team gets access to information when and where they need it by providing the appropriate channels (like mobile and chatbot) to appeal to different types of users. For example, since field or warehouse employees don’t have laptops, the mobile app might be recommended for them to get quick access to work information.

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