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Empowering Employee Experience [HRSD eBook]

We use apps and websites every day to make our lives easier, but, why don’t we have that same ease of access at work? Most HR leaders agree that employee experience is a top priority for their organization’s success, and to satisfy that growing need, HR organizations are expanding their focus outside of the typical administrative activities. And yet today, 60% of HR’s time is spent on repetitive, transactional activities.

ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery is turning HR frustrations on its head. Read our most recent eBook, Empowering Employee Experience: an HR Service Delivery eBook, to learn what HRSD can do for you and your organization. Discover what the platform is capable of, if it’s right for you, and to top things off, we’ll even help you get started on building your business case.

So, unless you just want to download the full version, let’s dive right in. Here’s an excerpt of the eBook:

Opportunity Knocks for HR

It’s about time that companies realize they need to serve their growing workforce that’s used to easy, accessible self-service and mobile experiences. These employees want to do their jobs well and they know there are tools out there that make it possible. When it comes to HR tools, these employees want, no, need, to be able to access both information for work and information that impacts their personal life.

Clunky legacy HRIS solutions and processes are not enough to support the immediate demand for information or assistance.

Now, HR has the opportunity to do more with higher expectations and on a larger platform. Even though HR leaders have more leeway to drive value than ever before, they are still are being pulled in many different directions, serving multiple customers, employees, and business strategies.

So how should HR leaders focus their energy? It’s all about being proactive in your HR Service Delivery. Start by thinking about your company’s Moments that Matter. Each “moment” requires its own set of actions, but keep in mind that the typical chant of “speed” and “self-service” might not fit every situation. For example, while a request for benefit information might be as simple as talking to a chatbot, a request for bereavement leave might need a more personalized touch (even if it sacrifices a little efficiency). The good news is, your ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform has the ability to support both this automation and tracking high-touch requests, plus its digital workflows ensure that otherwise siloed HR processes are strung together.

For instance, an employee at your company gets promoted, which is a big moment that matters in their professional careers, as well as a moment that matters for your company. And what are the table stakes? Ensuring that promotion and related pay increases are handled seamlessly. Proactive service for this moment that matters includes tying it to 401K services offered, sending out information about tax planning services, and creating a new development plan based on the employee’s new role. Even though these are all tasks that are done by individual HR employees (or even employees outside of the HR department), the steps, requests, and notifications are all done through a single system of action: ServiceNow.

The pace of change for HR is accelerating, whether it’s through merging acquisition work, generational differences in the workplace, career aspirations, the rise of the gig economy, and also geographic distances and virtual workforces that HR has to balance across all of those pillars. So, while HR’s job is more exciting than ever, it’s also much more complex. That complexity occurs especially when HR is trapped in a legacy operating model that doesn’t promote consistency, efficiency or scale.

ServiceNow is turning that model on its head and reimagining that service delivery focus, making it available anywhere, anytime. Accessible on mobile devices, that user-focused experience becomes even more personalized to your employees, offering HR the opportunity to be even more empathetic with the employee community.

Do You Need ServiceNow’s HRSD?

We’ll help you decide if ServiceNow’s HRSD is right for you, plus, learn how to build your business case. Download the full eBook today.

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