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Fulfilling the Energy Imperative with a Digital-First Strategy

Today’s consumers envision an Energy future that is smarter, cleaner, and more reliable than ever before. Securing their trust by decarbonizing energy and mitigating environmental consequences is an imperative that Energy and Utility companies must deliver on.

Aligning business processes and implementing a digital-first strategy will help these companies navigate industry challenges including; falling demand, changing regulations, geopolitical unrest, and broad market shifts.

Energy enterprises that successfully transition to a digital-first strategy will secure their standing in the next reality.

Digital Transformation Offers a Path Forward

Energy companies face a unique set of conflicting challenges: they must control their environmental footprint, decarbonize, and deliver on government-mandated or self-imposed sustainability goals – all while securing access to affordable energy for millions of consumers worldwide. Although the industry is no stranger to supply and demand shocks, these imperatives have been further complicated by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and subsequent geopolitical tension.

Energy enterprises have bounced back from disruption before and will do so again, this time powered by a robust digital strategy that supports every part of the business.

The Energy Sector Faces Unique Hurdles in 2021 and Beyond

The uncertainty brought on by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic has touched every industry. For those in the Energy sector, containing costs remains a key motivator, alongside understanding changing business priorities and making decisions in an uncertain environment.

Please select the biggest challenges and risks, due to COVID-19, faced in your personal role today.

Is Your Organization Future-Ready?

In order to maneuver effectively in the face of unprecedented change, energy companies must adopt a digital-first, agile operating model. ServiceNow is the foundation that will support your entire organization’s enterprise services – from the back office to the front lines. Drive key visibility, secure major efficiency gains, and break down silos by connecting disparate systems and processes. Evolve in real-time and anticipate future disruption through the power of the ServiceNow platform.

Unlock Your True Potential with the ServiceNow Platform

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