EXPAND 2021: Kicking off 2021 with Special Guest Matthew McConaughey

After 2020, the year 2021 is all about raising the bar. It’s about seeing what else we can create, how we can build up our communities, and ways we can celebrate everything we have. That is the essence of our EXPAND series, a time for our ServiceNow community to come together (virtually for now) and celebrate the journey we are on to solve the world’s hardest and most important challenges by combining innovative technology and human empathy.

I am honored to announce that for our next EXPAND event we are being joined by an individual who is known for being equal parts empowering and entertaining, passionate and creative, and above all, impactful in every endeavor he undertakes… Matthew McConaughey!

Already so excited you don’t want to read the rest of this post? We understand! You can jump straight to the registration here.

When we asked Matthew to be a part of our EXPAND event, we wrote…

“We are asking for your help to begin this year with the spirit of positive energy and humility that you bring to so many of your characters, your charity work, your dedication to family, and the message of staying curious and how dealing with life’s challenges can help you find the hero inside you.”

And, he said yes.

This event will inspire you to surprise yourself with your own strength and endurance. Join us on Thursday, February 18th at 4:30 PM EST to take part in all Acorio’s EXPAND virtual celebration has to offer:

  • 30-minute Q&A with Matthew McConaughey about lessons from his life and career, the impact of his philanthropic efforts, and the importance of chasing your passion
  • Live fundraising event for his charity, the just keep livin Foundation
  • Mini concert with the British indie band Scars on 45 (you may know some of their hit songs from Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Plus, a conversation with Acorio, ServiceNow, our joint clients, and find out what we’re all looking forward to most in 2021

Save your seat before virtual tickets run out. (Yes, even online, there’s a capacity limit.)

Meet our EXPAND guest: Matthew McConaughey

I know most of us are already familiar with his work, but for those who are not, let’s meet Matthew (or refamiliarize ourselves with his incredible journey!)…

Academy Award-Winning Actor Matthew McConaughey’s impressive career has spanned 40 feature films that have grossed over $1 billion dollars. A Texas native heralded for his constant career reinvention, McConaughey is a dedicated philanthropist whose just keep livin’ Foundation empowers high school students to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future. A force of nature both onscreen and in business, McConaughey serves as creative director for Wild Turkey, has co-created his own bourbon called Long branch, is part owner of Austin FC, and serves as the Minister of Culture/M.O.C for the University of Texas sports arena and Austin FC MLS Soccer Club.

In his New York Times #1 bestselling book, Greenlights, McConaughey writes what he calls a love letter to life. Greenlights takes readers on a journey of lessons he grappled with throughout his life reminding us to connect with grace, truth, and the beauty of being alive.

In engagements that are equal parts empowering and entertaining, McConaughey shares lessons from his life and career, the impact of his philanthropic efforts, and the importance of chasing your passion.