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Acorio innovations are unique Solutions and Applications (with some available in the ServiceNow store) to help expedite implementation, improve user experience and enhance maintainability. Our solutions and innovations drive improved outcomes across the entire enterprise.

  • Acorio HigherEd Student One Stop Solution
  • Acorio Knowledge Center Support (KCS)
  • Acorio Mobile Timecard Solution
  • Acorio ‘Boosts’
  • Acorio Parkway Theme
  • Acorio Workflow Router (WFR)

Our Best Practices across modules have been wrapped into packaged configurations to accelerate your initiative and improve User Experience. Benefit from the hundreds of clients who have gone before you.

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ServiceNow higher Ed Solution Acorio

Higher Ed Student One Stop Solution, A ServiceNow Partner Catalyst™

Higher Education organizations are competing like never before for high-talent students. Leading Colleges and Universities across the globe are now curating the entire student lifecycle from an applicant to alumni. Acorio’s Higher Ed One Stop Solution can help you change the playing field entirely by modernizing and streamlining the student experience.

By leveraging new ServiceNow technology, including intelligent automation and modern, intuitive web and mobile experiences, Acorio’s Higher Ed Student One Stop Solution promises reduced costs with a unified system of work featuring simple integrations and intelligent routing of requests across your University network.

  • Curate the experience from an applicant to alumni Improve student insight and retention
  • Enhance student and parent interaction
  • Create communities of campus engagement
  • Modernize and coordinate student services
  • Improve student satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the institution
  • Simplify the experience and get the “wow factor” for your students and parent

Knowledge Centered Support Framework (KCS)

We have the best KCS solution in the ServiceNow eco-system. Only our solution offers a single pane of glass to bring knowledge into managing Cases and Incidents (application to ITSM and CSM). Fully upgradeable, and working with crowd sourced rated content, Watch our KCS demo, or get in contact with an expert now.

Mobile Timecards

Available in the ServiceNow store since the Fuji release, our Mobile Timecards Application has been utilized by hundreds of users. Best in class, this solution extends into the hands of your employees your IT Business Management suite, and drives continued ROI.

Acorio Parkway Theme

A configurable, modern and intuitive Service Portal theme(s) that can be branded and customized for your needs. Fully responsive and using best-in-class design approaches, our themes help improve…

Acorio Workflow Router (WFR)

Robust service catalogs are critical for users to understand the services available – and often they grow. Acorio’s WFR provides a configurator approach to quickly configure catalog and cases through meta-data changes, rather than code.

Drive Cross-Enterprise Transformation

Our Best Practices have also evolved into improved framework and methodologies:
Customer Service Management (CSM)
Acorio’s proven pioneering solutions using ServiceNow CSM transforms how your employees proactively manage customer interactions. Our best-practice Process & Technical Kits help define process, optimal user experience and configuration. Acorio is the only Gold Services Partner with A ServiceNow Partner Catalyst™ solution in CSM, our Higher Ed Solution seeks to reduce costs with a unified system of work featuring simple integrations and intelligent routing of requests across your entire network.
Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD)
Acorio’s Process & Technical kits take industry best practices and apply them to transform your employee experience. The result: More productive employees and your HR team able to focus more on strategic areas – rather than being mired in email and repetitive tasks.
IT Operations Management (ITOM)
With an unparalleled ServiceNow ITOM practice history, Acorio boasts a proven Discovery methodology, orchestration packs, Service Mapping approach, CMDB best practices as well as expert Cloud Management and Event Management techniques. We focus not only on the technology, but also the process. Our clients succeed with a holistic understanding of their infrastructure. We leverage innovative approaches to IoT and Field Asset Management to help clients to address unique challenges and succeed.
IT Service Management (ITSM)
Your IT performance is critical to your organization’s success. Acorio brings ITIL-based best practices to ensure your ITSM transformation is best-in-class with repeatable processes and a maintainable solution. We emphasize Employee Self-Service and automation to allow IT professionals to spend time on high-value activities. Factoring in cutting edge AI and IoT, we partner with your team to ensure our expert knowledge becomes yours.
User Experience (UX)
Our outside-in approach to User Design (Service Portal as well as overall use experience) delivers a modern and intuitive experience that solves for both end user needs and business decision makers.
Global Business Services (GBS)
When standing up or transforming your shared or global business service functions to better serve employees or customers, no other partner has a dedicated practice to leverage ServiceNow and associated processes for success.
Transform your ServiceNow Instance

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