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Changing the Pace of Change: First Global ServiceNow Insight & Vision Report

I’m so thrilled to launch Acorio’s Global ServiceNow Insight and Vision report (the first in the world).

This report highlights how top organizations around the globe drive digital transformation for their employees and, increasingly, their customers. It is hard to find a company out there that has not embraced “digital,” but this report brings forward organizations that take this trend a step further – organizations that have a huge appetite for change, and, ultimately, are willing to go about it at a clipping pace.

For over a decade, we’ve talked about Digital Transformation but companies (even in IT and technology departments) were transforming slowly. ServiceNow has accelerated the response of change in the real world through its cloud-native platform and focus on process. Digital change can now be manifested in concrete, time-bound activities, connecting departments with easily configured technology.

For me, nothing sets ServiceNow-powered companies apart more than when they turn the culture of change around to focus on their employees and their experience. Employee experience strengthens organizations from the inside, so they can better serve customers. ServiceNow as a brand, and customers of ServiceNow, are using the platform as both an employee and customer cloud.

Gathered from your ServiceNow peers around the world, this report is your benchmark for innovation, showcasing ServiceNow uses, case studies, KPI’s to measure results, and future trends and goals. ServiceNow has undoubtedly changed the pace of transformation, and we’re here to bring you up to speed.

“It is hard to find a company out there who has not embraced “digital,” but this report brings forward organizations that are taking it a step further, who have a huge appetite for change, and are willing to go about it at a clipping pace.” -Ellen Daley, CEO, Acorio

But we know why you’re here, and it’s to get to the heart of the content. So, without further ado, please feel free to download our complete ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report, or, skim an excerpt from a chapter below.

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VIEWS FROM THE TOP: ServiceNow in the C-Suite

As the digital revolution has swept across businesses and technology investments continue to branch across the entire company, it’s no longer just the head of IT or the Director of HR weighing in on purchasing decisions. Instead, enterprise software purchases are being vetted and tracked by the C-Suite, from your Chief Transformation or Technology Officers (CTO) to your Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

That is why we’re opening our in-depth data analysis with the results from the people sitting in the big chairs, the C-Suite, and Vice Presidents. We feel that these Executive respondents are in the best position to detail what is happening with ServiceNow across their companies, instead of just within silos.

  • 61% of C-Suite executives track time to resolve an incident or request.
  • Employee Experience is a top concern among CHRO’s and other executives.
  • Technology expertise is not a top challenge when implementing ServiceNow, but the cost of technology is.
  • 2019 is the year for increased reporting capabilities, automation and adding new functionality to existing instances.

We asked executives to reflect on what their largest challenge areas of ServiceNow were during their implementation. Not a single respondent said that they struggled to integrate ServiceNow with their existing legacy technologies via M&A. This ease-of-integration points to one of the platforms base qualities. Instead of replacing legacy systems, ServiceNow can serve as the single point of view into analytics, dashboards, and communications.

From the view of the C-Suite however, the biggest problem with the ServiceNow implementation was not the technical challenges (3.8%), nor ability to upgrade (3.8%) but the cost of the technology and actual implementation, at a whopping 34.6%.

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There is more…

This report, with insights and data gathered from over 300 of your ServiceNow peers, is not one to miss. Along with more insights from business executives this report dives into:

  • ServiceNow KPI’s, implementation challenges and results at medium and large companies
  • Industry spotlights of federal and healthcare respondents
  • A look at the future of ServiceNow as a company and as a platform.

To access the full report, click here.

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