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Global Paint Supplier Aims to Unite their HR Departments Across 70 Countries

A leading supplier of paints, coatings, and special materials, this Fortune 500 company has operations in over 70 countries. With humble beginnings in the United States, it’s now the largest coatings company in the world and a clear leader in its industry. But, despite its growing success, they struggled with internal growing pains.

To put it simply, with no centralized management structure, the organization struggled with siloed departments and business units. Their 47,000 employee base did not have one shared HR system, to easily access relevant information. Rather, the team was working in several systems. That is, before ServiceNow was implemented.

A New Vision: Global Consistency and Continuity with Shared Services.

With no HR shared services structure in place, this organization had a vision for a larger transformation: to implement regional HR shared services centers, including hiring agents, setting up the center locations, and implementing phone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. The organization knew the system needed to keep up with the growing needs and expectations of their employees and unite their international employee base and business units under one umbrella.

A Strategic ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Solution, Backed by a Consultancy 100% focused on ServiceNow.

Though the organization had been working with another consultancy firm for the process side of their HR transformation before connecting with Acorio, they ultimately chose Acorio as their ServiceNow experts. Acorio’s commitment to providing customized and personal attention, coupled with their strategic and knowledgeable ServiceNow HR Service Delivery practice, made them a clear winner.

The project was set up from an organizational point of view: they wanted to be able to look out across their organization and see where their “pockets” were and where their deficiencies were, including their onboarding and offboarding processes. They needed to be able to view and manage HR services globally, as they were currently without one unified global system of HR management.

With its international employee base, staff needed to access the HR Portal from wherever – whenever – which, for this organization, could mean a traditional office, warehouse, or research lab. It was equally important to create a mobile-friendly version of the Service Portal for the organization’s younger employees – as their generation demands accessible data on-the-go. However, many seasoned employees still preferred to access the Portal through a desktop browser, so equal attention was given to both mobile and web versions.

The Solution? ServiceNow HR Service Delivery for a Growing, Global Enterprise with an Employee Base of 47,000+, Expecting Simple, Quick Solutions for their HR Needs

This organization wanted to take a global approach to HR and use ServiceNow as their platform-of-choice to automate HR as a shared service. In just under a year, Acorio and the paint supplier implemented a custom Service Portal including chat, HR Case Management, and Knowledge for their HR teams, employees, and leadership. ServiceNow also included an integration with their new IVR platform to automatically create cases from phone calls, plus an integration to their existing Workday system of record, which would bring over employee data and initiate HR cases from certain transactions so HR agents could engage with employees with a background of information.

Acorio also created reports and dashboards to roll-out for executive-level presentations to track cases by channel (phone, chat, Portal, email), Portal and knowledge use, as well as First Contact Resolution and Employee Satisfaction.

With its global reach, the company wanted to ensure its employees located across the globe would be able to access the HR Portal in their own language – resulting in 700 hours’ worth of configuring translations in ServiceNow. Portal pages and widgets, HR catalog items, chat queue messaging, case surveys, as well as over 350 email notifications that Acorio developed, were translated into 9 languages (not including English), so employees could navigate the pages, find solutions, and view communications in their mother tongue. In addition, routing rules were configured so employee cases were directed to assignment groups that spoke the same language for better support.

The Result? 8,000 Knowledge Article Searches in 10 Languages on Day One.

The project went live on time with 47,000 users across over 70 countries – a huge accomplishment for a company that had never undertaken an HR project of this magnitude. Acorio implemented phase 1 for Case & Knowledge in Europe, but the HR Portal was accessible to all.

Now, the global paint supplier is empowering its users by providing them with on-demand self-service solutions.

Over 8,000 Knowledge Article searches in 10 different languages were conducted on day one – and only a few hundred HR cases were created. The new ServiceNow HR Portal funneled users to the knowledge base before they could obtain support – whenever, wherever they needed it. Chat options and other more personalized help solutions were also enabled and encouraged users to find their own solutions.

The icing on the cake? The executive sponsor for this project even got promoted following the successful launch of this new HRSD solution.

All in all, there were (another possible infographic thing):

  • 178 HR Services Configured
  • 122 HR Catalog Items created
  • Over 3,500 Knowledge Articles Imported, Conditioned, and Related to Parents
  • 9 Different Connect Support (Chat Queues)
  • 400+ Response Templates created for HR agents to drive consistent communication with employees
  • Over 350 email notifications created in 10 languages
  • 17,000+ translations added

With their new ServiceNow HR Service Portal, employees are “self-serving” by gathering and leveraging knowledge – all through a simple, single access solution, thanks to ServiceNow.

Read the full case study for a full run-down on the ServiceNow HR Portal solution provided and to find out what the company is doing next. Or, for more information on ServiceNow’s HR Shared Services capabilities, check out our HR eBook Empowering Employee Experience

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