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Culture in Action: Fortune500 Uses ServiceNow to Administer Emergency Relief Fund for Employees

Since day one, this Fortune500 health insurance company has been committed to well-being and accessibility… not just for their customers but also for their employees. Today’s health and economic realities are bringing into relief the differences between companies like this one who practice social responsibility and those who just preach it.

As part of their ongoing commitment to curating a top tier employee experience, the leading Healthcare Payer had previously rolled out ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery platform in 2019, including an employee support center Portal and Knowledgebase. However, as recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the company’s leadership and HR team recognized their employees needed more immediate support.

Lending a Financial Hand to Workers at Home

At the beginning of March, they decided to send their nearly 12,000 HQ employees’ home to respect health official recommendations on social distancing. This represented a significant challenge for both the IT and HR teams – especially given that nearly 70% of the team had never worked remotely before.

Employee Advocates quickly recognized that decision would have a significant impact on families and wanted to take action to support those transitioning into working from their living rooms (or closets). Specifically, they wanted to provide financial support for those suddenly faced with the simultaneous closing of childcare and schools.

“During this time of uncertainty, I’m proud that my organization has prioritized supporting members and employees”

While the original Emergency Caregiving Relief program centered around offering a childcare stipend, the financial grant was quickly extended to encompass the wide range of support situations arising for associates due to travel restrictions, school closures, and imposed quarantines.

Ultimately, the team decided to offer a $500 financial payout to any employee who needed help providing care to children, grandchildren, or elder family members.

Now, how to quickly get that cash into employee’s hands?

A 7 pm phone call to the team’s ServiceNow consulting partner kicked off the process.

Defining Relief Criteria

Development kicked off that night, and an initial relief app was ready for HR to review by noon the next day.

Some of the interesting sticking points for the team revolved around how to determine which employees would be eligible for the grant, and whether to pro-rate any payouts, etc.

Ultimately, the team decided on a simple decision tree for their new app, asking employees:

  1. Who in your household requires emergency back-up caregiving services, allowing you to work?
  2. Please confirm you are using this assistance to directly pay for emergency back-up caregiving services, thereby allowing you to work.

Building the Solution

In less than 6 business days, the Healthcare firm rolled out their new, fully-tested app called the Emergency Relief for Caregivers, built in the company’s existing ServiceNow HR Service Catalog. It was important to HR that employees could leverage self-service and submit their own cases, instead of contacting an HR agent.

“The expertise, flexibility, and patience Acorio demonstrated as we iterated through our fast-changing environment was instrumental to our ability to stand-up this emergency relief option for our employees.”

In addition to creating a case template, the organization worked with their Acorio team (often late into the night) to create seamless workflows including; two Center of Excellence (COE) fields on the Payroll COE table, a record producer, standard variable sets and variables that mapped to COE fields, and a script to display the Associate Attestation that submitting the request form was in good faith.

The ServiceNow solution went live with multiple Knowledge articles to inform the employees about the purpose and scope of the relief fund.

 Three Days: Eight Hundred Thousand Given to At-Risk Employees

Launched just three days ago, associates have already submitted over 1,600 cases (500 of which were through the new ServiceNow app) – leading the firm to provide nearly $825,000 in emergency relief to employees in just one week.

That may seem like a significant number, but like all firms committed to the broader success of their associates, the company believes that employee productivity and team loyalty will more than make up for that sum. Besides, it’s hard to put a price tag on doing the right thing.

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