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Future Proof Your ServiceNow Investment: A Quick-Start Guide to Creating a Governance Structure

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing ServiceNow or already have a transformation strategy (and licenses) across multiple suites in the platform, driving real business value with ServiceNow depends on making the most of the platform and maximizing the efficiency of your digital workflows.

If you’re looking to bolster your employee experience, empower a customer upsell strategy, or even improve your overall operations – our experience shows that your ultimate success with ServiceNow depends, in large part, to having an effective, up-front strategic vision for the platform. Successful digital transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum or silo – your goals within ServiceNow must align with, and elevate your organization’s overall business goals.

For example, are you trying to save money? Increase customer satisfaction? Or drive innovation with machine learning or AI? This isn’t always an easy feat. According to ServiceNow’s Fall 2019 Workflow Quarterly, regarding workplace digitization: “few CIOs say their organization is doing a good job at understanding the value of different business functions, or the tools they need to succeed.”

Acorio’s 2019 ServiceNow Insight & Vision Report also highlighted a growing trend in organizations today: endlessly growing roadmaps, which was a challenge for 43% of survey respondents. Once one successful implementation happens, more and more departments want to adopt ServiceNow, with survey respondents stating that the number one challenge they faced in 2019 was a growing roadmap.

This, coupled with a lack of understanding of the value for ServiceNow to solve larger business needs, creates a challenge for organizations to be successful with the platform – unless you can create a clear plan. With a steadfast understanding of your roadmap, your organization’s needs, and how to track your success, you can start to build a rock-solid foundation to build your ServiceNow program.

How do you start? Start assessing your environment (and your needs) today and create the right strategies to prove ROI so you can fully maximize your ServiceNow investment. By already downloading this eBook, you’re on the right track! This workbook will walk through how you can:

  • Build a Strategic ServiceNow Roadmap
  • Address Organizational Change Management alongside the Technical Implementation
  • Define a Governance Structure
  • Create and Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Maintain a Healthy ServiceNow Platform

For today’s blog, we’ll give you a little taste of one of these critical steps. If you are ready to jump straight in, feel free to download the complete workbook here.

Define a Governance Structure

Governance is simply protecting your ServiceNow investment for the future and ensuring you have the appropriate roles and responsibilities to govern the platform with clear executive sponsorship. This framework establishes a demand process that allows you to make changes that align with your “vision” (which you can create here). You can break Governance into four key categories: technical governance, strategic governance, portfolio governance, and convergence governance. ServiceNow defines each as follows:

1. Technical Governance establishes standards to ensure the platform is technically sound and following good practices to ensure upgradability, usability, manageability, performance, and scalability.

2. Strategic Governance establishes governing bodies and activities that align the platform with overall organizational strategies.

3. Portfolio Governance establishes the processes and documentation related to the management of services provided on the platform and multiple workstreams.

4. Convergence Governance integrates the ServiceNow platform with enterprise standards and data management between other systems. It also positions the ServiceNow team as a strategic business partner of other teams throughout the company.

Below is an example governance structure, as defined by ServiceNow in their ServiceNow Governance Framework eBook, with ownership roles and attributes. Use this example to fill out your own strategic ServiceNow governance framework!

ServiceNow Governance Framework template

Ready to fill out your own governance structure? Download the complete Advisory workbook to get the template, plus best practice suggestions and more.

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