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Empowering Your Constituents with a World-Class Digital Experience

Federal and State Government organizations are key to improving our societal and economic well-being. You are tasked with solving some of the most pressing economic and social challenges, potentially affecting millions.

In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, the world is changing – and governments face an imperative to evolve alongside it. As communities everywhere grapple with the economic impact of the pandemic alongside growing political and social unrest, they expect clear communication, transparency, and effective leadership from their governments.

A well-defined and strategically implemented digital transformation plan has tremendous potential to drive efficiency gains and cost savings as well as alter the public’s perception of your agency.

Thank you for all the hard work and follow-through. We are pursuing the process to roll this out to the rest of the districts in the State, and I’m sure we’ll be calling Acorio to help us do it.

State Transportation Authority Project Sponsor

COVID-19 Redefines Government’s
Digital Imperative

Federal agencies have been hit with wave after wave of emergencies and uncertainties. The new digital imperative is manifesting itself in five key areas:


Efficiently communicating state and federal mandates that affect constituents’ daily routines, as well as responding quickly and clearly to questions.

Omni-channel Experience

Providing high-quality digital experiences that complement or replace physical interactions while maintaining the same level of efficacy.


Developing streamlined, mobile-friendly interactions that reduce friction and make government/citizen interactions a delight.

Remote Work

Automating manual processes, digitalizing important documents, and ensuring the right organizational change to empower a remote workforce.


Responding to increased threats from hackers and foreign entities with a robust security framework.

Building Trust through Transparency

ServiceNow has the power to build the transparency that’s become essential in our digital world. By connecting all of your systems and processes and ensuring they work in harmony, the platform provides key visibility and a uniform system of record for all of your organization’s operations.

A transformational digital plan can redefine the way your citizenry thinks about interacting with the government. From paying parking tickets to applying for a permit, each touchpoint is an opportunity to radically alter public opinion and plant the seeds of trust. Digitalizing processes and deploying effortless digital experiences that surprise and delight your constituents will allow you to move forward with confidence in an uncertain world.

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