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We work with hospitals, home and hospice care organizations, senior care, as well as managed care organizations and medical device manufacturers (ADD) to maximize uptime, integrate siloed systems, control system access, and gain a competitive advantage in this agile, fast-moving environment.
ITSM modern platform
Delivering on SLAs means maximizing uptime and minimizing both planned and unplanned outages. Using CMDB, Change Management and outage communication best practices, you can deliver on your availability SLAs and manage stakeholder expectations if things do go wrong.
Integrations across the environment
Integrating the myriad of siloed systems used by your organization provides a single pane of glass that helps you plan, manage and report on service responsiveness.
Managing Access
Healthcare environments can be very dynamic; people responsibilities change and so do the systems they must access. Using employee self-service, workflows, and automation, we can introduce efficiency and accuracy into the time consuming and error prone process of managing access.

Some Customer Examples

  • A Provider of Healthcare Professional Services expanded their use of ServiceNow to include asset management built on a robust CMDB maintained through a best-practice-based change management solution.
  • The Largest Research Hospital in NYC replaced their legacy help desk solution and created a central platform for managing IT with integrations to numerous systems across the hospital, enabling better on-boarding and scheduling of resources, insight into impacts of changes, notifications of outages to impacted units and improved visibility into all aspects of IT operations. 
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