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Meet Today’s Healthcare Crisis with a Robust Digital Strategy

Today’s healthcare enterprises are in the spotlight, tasked with modernizing care amid global public health concerns, new treatment options, increasing industry consolidation, and the rise of personalized medicine. Both payors and providers now have new imperatives they must act on; delivering a consumer-grade experience to patients and employees alike is vital to ensuring long-term success in this new climate.

Transformative Care through a Transformative Platform: ServiceNow

As the healthcare industry faces more uncertainty than ever before, Acorio consultants are ready to help your enterprise stay agile and design an actionable blueprint for business continuity. The 2020 pandemic has especially affected the healthcare industry, forcing organizations to reprioritize business initiatives to provide up-to-the-minute care and ensure the scalability and visibility that nimbleness requires.

Rising costs, changing patient demographics, evolving consumer expectations, new market entrants, and complex health and technology ecosystems will continue to change the way that healthcare organizations do business into the new decade and beyond. Let our consultants help you alleviate major pain points and increase organizational health by consolidating siloed systems, reducing operational costs, and freeing up resources so you can invest more in the patient and employee experience.

The expertise, flexibility, and patience Acorio demonstrated as we iterated through our fast-changing environment was instrumental to our ability to stand-up this emergency relief option for our employees.

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Acorio's Experts Offer The Right Experience to Meet Today's Healthcare Challenges

Our team has years of experience helping healthcare players meet challenging market and regulatory forces as well as increasing consumer expectations. Our focus is on sustaining the long-term well-being of your organization by:

  • Breaking down siloed systems. Increasing M&A activity is driving the need for innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry. The push and pull between innovation and profits will make or break the modern healthcare enterprise. Our team of experts can help you best leverage the full capacity of the ServiceNow platform to respond to these new imperatives, consolidate systems across networks, and provide a seamless patient experience.
  • Automating manual processes and digitalizing data. Sophisticated tools for biometric data collection will enable more remote care options and the detection of early warning signs for illness. Explore how digitizing data collection and automating workflows using ServiceNow can open the door to providing better diagnostic care and customer service.
  • Managing Customer Service. The healthcare model is shifting to accommodate increasingly savvy consumers who will shape the future of healthcare. Today’s patients are more inclined to seek out value-based care and shop around for service, increasing the need for innovation and CSM from providers.
  • Unifying the User Experience. With a diverse audience – users in hospital systems, testing centers, teaching hospitals, research facilities, and more – healthcare employees and patients have to overcome the challenge of different backgrounds and skillsets. Acorio’s one-of-a-kind User Experience practice means that our experts have decades of experience creating intuitive, effective service portals that drive engagement. Learn how the ServiceNow Platform can deliver a customized experience at scale and empower your employees and patients alike to leverage self-service options, find Knowledge articles, and connect with Virtual Agents.
  • Ensuring Patient Security. Increasingly fast and capable communication tools will allow patients to communicate with their providers remotely and outside of normal business hours. Secure the safety of their private information through ServiceNow’s ITSM solution.

Acorio Insights: Healthcare Industry Strategic Initiatives

Service Management, Digital Transformation, and Customer Satisfaction are front of mind for today’s healthcare players according to our 2020 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report.

Select the following areas where your firm has strategic initiatives underway.

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