Acorio’s ServiceNow® Partner Catalyst™ Solution for Higher Ed

Redefine the Student Experience with ServiceNow & Acorio

The Higher Education space is extremely competitive - making interactions with students, parents and alumni critical to your institution's success. 

Acorio’s Student One-Stop Portal, a ServiceNow® Partner Catalyst™ Solution can help you change the playing field – whether your university clients are building its brand recognition or focusing on retaining students with a stellar experience, stay connected with students and parents, or reduce your costs through intelligent automation.

Join leading universities across the country as they change their approach to every single element of the student lifecycle with a student-first approach.

Wow Factor

The One-Stop Student Portal you need in the competitive higher education market.
Improve Student Insight and Rentention
Enhance Student and Parent Interaction
Create Communities of Campus Engagement
Modernize and Coordinate Student Services
Improve Student Satisfaction and NPS for the Institution
Simplify the Experience and get the "Wow Factor" for your Students (and their parents)
ServiceNow higher Ed Solution Acorio

The New ServiceNow technology platform modernizes student and alumni service with...

  • Modern, intuitive sites that drive engagement
  • Self-reliant solutions and Intelligent routing of requests
  • Rapid resolution with lower cost resources
  • Tool consolidation or simple integration
  • A unified system of work that improves communication and coordination throughout the insitution


Transforming Today: Suffolk University

Suffolk University in Boston (~15,000 students) is about to be the pilot organization for this solution.

Previously, the Student Financial Services, Bursar and Registrar’s Offices functioned as three separate areas when providing customer service to students and their families. While collaboration behind the scenes did occur, students were often required to deal with each office individually to resolve an issue. In many cases, enrollment, student billing, and financial aid were interdependent. Suffolk decided to consolidate these three silo-ed customer service desks to a single “One-Stop Customer Service” center, the Ram Registration & Financial Center, with our ServiceNow® Partner Catalyst™ Solution.

By leveraging the power of ServiceNow’s CSM solution, Suffolk created a more streamlined customer service leaving students with increased overall customer satisfaction. As a result of the combined customer service approach, it is also expected the offices involved will gain efficiencies in the delivery of customer service.

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Adam Mason, VP of Solutions and Innovations at Acorio

With a strong background in Higher Ed technology from his experience at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and Vanderbilt University, Adam brings his innovative experience to the HigherEd space via the ServiceNow ®Partner Catalyst™Solution. He is a former ServiceNow Customer Hero, Hackathon champion and frequent speaker at the Knowledge conferences.

About Acorio

The largest 100% ServiceNow Gold Services Partner, Acorio is a Service Management cloud consultancy on a mission: to deliver on inspiration, guidance, and unparalleled expertise throughout our customers’ entire Service Management journey.

Exclusively focused on ServiceNow, we provide implementation support, strategy, and road mapping, organizational change management, and true best practices for our customers.

  • ServiceNow Gold Services Partner
  • Fast50 Growth Company – the 5th fastest-growing company in MA
  • 200+ Clients, 300 implementations
  • 70% repeat business
  • One of the highest CSAT scores in the ServiceNow ecosystem
  • 165+ ServiceNow Specific Certifications, Accreditations, and Competencies
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