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Design a nimble, connected digital workplace for a time of unprecedented change.

During times of unprecedented change for organizations, today’s HR teams are facing more challenges than ever before –from supporting a long-term remote workforce, hiring (and re-onboarding), and providing unified, effective, and mobile systems for case management. Having a modern HR organization means more than just 'killing' email". Today, it means handling new Tier 1 needs, adapting to different mobility and safety concerns, integrating with IT and facilities, and engaging and retaining your best- sometimes burned out- team members.

Break down internal silos and create a modern, best-in-class shared services organization to unify employees and arm your company to support today’s changing environment and ensure safety and support for your valued employees.

Support today’s business-critical digital initiatives including Tier 1 support, Benefits, Payroll, Employee Relations, Global Mobility, On-boarding (Off-boarding and Re-onboarding), Retirement, VIPSupport, and more.

Unlock employee value, boost ESAT scores, and support world-class Employee Experiences.

Leverage ServiceNow’s HRSD to effectively understand your case volume and support your agents’ overall case management.

Develop a service-oriented framework to unify your disparate HR and other enterprise systems into a single workflow system and engagement portal.

Empower employee self-service capabilities for users via knowledge, chatbot, and campaign content to support every moment that matters.

Cut through traditional case “noise” and unlock the data necessary to make the right decisions for your business (and find areas to improve) by increasing transparency and reporting.

Empower employees with strategic planning and a focus on high-value activities

With over 40 years’ experience working with HR leaders to unlock Human Resources’ potential, Acorio’s HRSD practice leadership guides leading firms to adopt a comprehensive HR Service Delivery model using ServiceNow. As one of the few Partners to achieve the HR Product Line expertise due to our consistently high CSAT scores, we know what it takes to successfully roll out an HRSD implementation.

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Welcome to Acorio’s best-in-class HRSD Practice

  • A customized HR methodology to ensure we provide customers with deep experience while simultaneously allowing flexibility for different organizational approaches.
  • An HR service list of over 200 services mapped to the ServiceNow data model, allowing customers to easily select common HR services that their employees expect and need.
  • Security solutions to account for confidential and protected data required for HR case management.
  • Additional content for our delivery kits like templates, training, testing, and presentation materials to ensure a smooth rollout.

Designed for the new World of Work: HR and the ServiceNow Platform

Our advanced HR customers are expanding how they use ServiceNow – embracing the full Platform to improve their end to end employee experience. Today’s modern HR Organizations are doing everything from defining Lifecycle Events to eliminating corporate silos and incorporating services from across the platform, such as IT or Facilities, to meet today’s evolving needs.

To compete and survive in today’s environment, more and more organizations understand the new HR mandate: transformation or become extinct. Our team can work with you to understand and embrace the new digital mandate, from creating or improving a full-scale shared services approach to integrating with additional HR systems, and implementing self-service, to designing a more structured knowledge, self-service, and enabling your new mobile workforce.

High Growth and High Stakes: Healthcare Spotlight

With this sector’s constant growth, your team needs streamlined talent acquisition and management processes that ServiceNow’s HRSD will provide.

  • Expertise with GxP requirements.
  • Driving unification across tools and the enterprise to improve employee experiences as well as reducing the complexity of work for HR teams.
  • Pilot launches to expose  HR teams to solutions and new processes and allow for enhancements prior to rolling out to employees to ensure a more seamless experience.

Fortune500 Undergoes HR Transformation with Acorio

This American Fortune500 Company underwent a global HR transformation by implementing both ServiceNow and Workday. To ensure successful adoption, the project team worked to provide targeted content, including knowledge, chat, and portal to employees in their native languages.

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