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Knocking Down the Silo [HRSD eBook]

We think it’s about time that companies realize they need to serve their growing workforce that’s used to easy, accessible self-service and mobile experiences.

These employees want to do their jobs well and they know there are tools out there that make it possible. When it comes to HR tools, these employees want, no, need, to be able to access both information for work and information that impacts their personal life.

So how should HR leaders focus their energy?

It’s all about being proactive in your HR Service Delivery.

The good news is, your ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform has the ability to support both this automation and tracking high-touch requests, plus its digital workflows ensure that otherwise siloed HR processes are strung together.

Knocking Down the Silo

If HRSD systems are bound within the walls of HR, processes that require interaction from other departments would be forced back into email and other unstructured work patterns. This is the challenge with a lot of the basic help desk tools, either as stand-alone solutions or as part of your core HR systems. They can’t handle processes that span either beyond HR or on the regular help desk.

New hire onboarding has all the characteristics of a broken work process. It’s inefficient for HR, causes headaches and backups in other departments like IT and Facilities, and provides a poor service experience for new hires. And it’s not just onboarding. Many employee life cycle events that start in HR but require attention from multiple departments (like offboarding, relocations, or leaves of absence) are unproductive, cost extra time and money, and are frustrating to employees.

ServiceNow’s Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions allows HR to logically group life cycle events activities and automate task assignment across the organization based on pre-determined timeframes. For example, prior to a new employee starting their first day, multiple activities need to be completed by different teams: IT has to order a computer and set up the employee’s access. Payroll needs tax and withholding information, Facilities needs to locate an available workspace, and so on. This creates a well-organized and seamless process for both fulfillers and new hires alike.

One of the newest features that has come to ServiceNow’s HRSD is the Community Forum, which exists within the Employee Service Center. Communities are a personalized forum experience around topics and content that are relevant to the user. The Community Forum was added to increase collaboration between employees. Now, instead of exchanging ideas in one place and looking for services and answers in another, everything happens in the same place: the Employee Forum.

“Recruit to Alumni”: Full Employee Experiences

Acorio and ServiceNow are using HRSD to migrate leading firms to full “Recruit to Alumni” experiences, which offers access to all the firm’s resources easily, and immediately. Let’s take a look at one of our projects:

A Fortune 500 real-estate firm wants the right HR solution that guarantees their employee’s requests, career development, and skills are all managed holistically – such that a full “Employee Engagement” can be offered and tracked – with the benefit of less attrition, more alumni engagement and improved talent while employed at the firm.

Using ServiceNow HRSD at the backbone, they wanted to roll out a solution with integrations into many other solutions like Workday, PeopleSoft, and Greenhouse, to curate that experience. They have created a guided experience for onboarding that gives specific tasks to complete, and guarantees the employee has everything they need from Day 1:

  1. Join: has a set of artifacts that assigns the new employee a buddy, gives a history of the recruiting process and who they touched, and all the tasks to get ready to excel.
  2. Develop: gives a personalized guided learning path for career development, that links into a Learning Management System (LMS).
  3. Find: offers up a full workflow process to track and expedite answers to questions.
  4. Contribute: lets people raise their hand to contribute to global Knowledge bases and even join in charity initiatives to take part in the organization.

To find out more about ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery platform, as well as explore Acorio’s HR client examples, download the complete eBook, Empowering Employee Experience.

HR solution ebook preview