Upgrade: Paris

All About HR Service Delivery’s Virtual Agent in ServiceNow Paris

ServiceNow typically rolls out a new upgrade twice a year, and even with all of the chaos we’ve seen in 2020, the company continued to deliver on this precedent with their Paris release on September 16th.

Last week we said bonjour to the platform’s latest upgrade, and along with it came a host of new functions and features, including Asset Dashboards and Predictive Intelligence. For today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at another recent addition to the platform: HR Service Delivery’s new Virtual Agent.

Read on for a sneak peek into our Paris eBook with an excerpt covering HR Service Delivery’s Virtual Agent, its Landing Page, Workspace Playbooks and Tasks, and Advanced Work Assignment (AWA).

HR Service Delivery Gets Virtual Agent

By meeting employees where they are, firms can empower their team members to find answers quickly, get help independently, and get things done with a simple swipe, click, or chat. In addition to all of the updates related to COVID-19, ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery will now have Virtual Agent.

The new HRSD Agent Workspace provides HR agents with a multi-tab interface for managing multiple cases and a heads-up contextual display that quickly orients them to their tasks.

HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace Landing Page

Provide a personalized and engaging experience for the HR agent by enabling their access to view high-priority cases, cases at risk for violating service level agreements, and cases with recent changes, all from the landing page.

HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace Playbooks and Tasks

Centralize HR agents’ work with a singular view of life cycle event cases. An HR agent can use the playbooks to see cases, tasks, timelines, and team members who are working on an onboarding case.

Advanced Work Assignment (AWA) for HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace

Consider the effort, agent availability, capacity, and skills required for HR cases and chat based on the Skill Management and Skill Determination applications.

Chat for HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace

Provide a real-time messaging system that HR agents use in the HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace to interact with employees.

“ServiceNow’s Paris Release is another step forward in the company’s journey to bring the future of work into business. Now, as business increasingly takes place from homes around the world, ServiceNow recognizes the importance of continuing to enable the modern enterprise to deliver digital workflows, unlock productivity, and protect the things that matter most; our employees, our customers, and our communities.”

There’s More

Download our complete Paris eBook to learn more about HRSD’s Virtual Agent and other platform updates to Governance, Risk, and Compliance; Hardware Asset Management; and Service Portal.


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