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The Transformation Stories that Won Acorio Americas Industry Solutions Partner of the Year

Last week, at ServiceNow’s Americas Partner Awards Reception, Acorio was honored as the 2020 Americas Industry Solutions Partner of the Year.

This award recognizes us for delivering the most innovative industry use-case solutions, driving significant business value, and securing long-term success for our clients.

We are so proud to be named the Industry Solutions Partner in this critical time of change for our clients. Focusing on translating technology initiatives into strategies that solve unique industry challenges – in Finance, Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing and more – can help all our clients accelerate their journey of transformation.

 “We’re privileged to be recognized by ServiceNow as their Industry Solutions Partner of the Year. Delivering true business value for our clients is at the heart of everything we do, and this award comes as an amazing acknowledgement of that mindset. Their transformative business initiatives are the backbone to our innovation.” – Ellen Daley, CEO, Acorio

Just last week, the entire ServiceNow ecosystem met at their annual Sales Kickoff to set the tone for the year. And what a tone was set! New CEO, Bill McDermott launched his keynote off proclaiming ServiceNow will be the defining software company for the 21st century.

As the largest pure-play consultancy, we have bet our future on just that challenge. We, too, believe that ServiceNow Partners like Acorio are a strategic force multiplier that will magnify outcomes and success for our entire ecosystem, and we are all in to help our clients dream bigger in the coming decade.

And, as luck would have it (or, strategic business foresight), just days after Acorio received the Industry Solutions of the year award, ServiceNow announced their new industry solutions strategy, pivoting to something that we’ve always known to be true: delivering workflows specific to a company’s industry will better address their unique digital transformation challenges.

During the announcement, McDermott explained why industry outcomes are the lynchpin of ServiceNow’s strategy in the next few years: “By creating industry-specific solutions, delivered through a partner-led model, we can better address the unique challenges that companies in key vertical markets face as they look to digitally transform their businesses.”

The Wins that Really Matter: A Few Customer Journeys

To celebrate the award we’re turning to some of the very industry solutions that got us to this point.

Here are a few of our favorite client stories, from verticals ranging from Healthcare and BioTech to Technology, Retail, and Finance.

Manufacturing: Global Paint Supplier Unites HR Across 70 Countries

A leading supplier of paints, coatings, and special materials, this Fortune 500 company has operations in over 70 countries. With humble beginnings in the United States, it’s now the largest coatings company in the world and a clear leader in its industry. But, despite its growing success, they struggled with internal growing pains.

Because of their exponential growth over the past half a century, their international HR departments operated differently– some countries and regions of the organization operated with homegrown case management systems, others used spreadsheets, some had nothing at all. With several ways of tracking HR cases, this created a lack of transparency and visibility across their international departments. The lack of a centralized management structure and standardized processes, alongside the absorption of international companies without a concrete plan to integrate them into the organization, lead to a disorganized HR system.

To put it simply, with no centralized management structure, the organization struggled with siloed departments and business units. Their 47,000 employee base did not have one shared HR system, to easily access relevant information. Rather, the team was working in several systems. That is, before Acorio helped them with their ServiceNow implementation.

Results Preview:

  • 57,000+ Hits on the HR Portal in One Day
  • 8,000 Knowledge Searches in 10 Different Languages
  • Only 133 HR Cases Opened

Read the whole story here.

Insurance: Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Moves Beyond Traditional ITSM

Founded in 1896, Wawanesa Insurance is the largest Canadian Property and Casualty Mutual insurer with $3 billion in annual revenue and assets of more than $9 billion. With over 5,000 employees, Wawanesa proudly serves over two million policyholders through regional offices and service offices in Canada and the United States.

Wawanesa’s Information Services IS department knew improving its Service Desk would be integral to supporting the company’s growing workforce and needs. They also knew their Fulfiller and Service Desk teams had the potential to add more value to the business by automating manual processes and freeing them up to focus on more strategic priorities. As a result, the Wawanesa IS team launched a search for a new solution to replace their legacy FrontRange IT Service Management (ITSM) software.

Read the whole story here.

BioTech: Service Management During a Time of Global Expansion

With recent acquisitions accumulating over $1B in the past 5 years, this fortune 500 global biotechnology company, based in Cambridge, MA, was undergoing substantial growth. The organization, which discovers and develops therapies for neurological and neurodegenerative disorders, needed to reevaluate its services model to keep up with increasing requirements. With offices in 28 countries, the team decided to look into ServiceNow to drive service and collaboration efficiency gains in support of their overall global business services (GBS) initiative.

Within a GxP regulated industry, the company had significant requirements for tracking approvals – but was struggling to accomplish that effectively within their siloed environment, which was spread across multiple systems and email. For example, if someone finished testing a new drug, it was crucial for them to extensively document the process. Yet, despite that presumably small task, their CRM and documenting systems were segregated, causing this “simple” ask to get repeated in every system, redundant and annoying use of their employees’ time.

Looking to evolve and mature their services model on a global scale, the biotechnology company was committed to a GBS strategy for long term efficiency and scalability.

Aligning to this strategy, the organization underwent a considerable organizational shift. First, their VP of GBS had a major initiative to connect four key (previously siloed) departments – HR, Finance, Learning Management System, and Legal – to streamline and consolidate their services into one, unified platform to service all requests.

Results Preview:

  • 4 Departments Consolidated into 1 Solution
  • 2,80- Visitors in First Week
  • 9 Languages Available

Read the whole story here.

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