Industry Trends in ServiceNow: Your Manufacturing Industry Insights for 2020 and Beyond

2020 has posed unprecedented challenges to the manufacturing industry – from government lockdowns and supply chain disruptions to political unrest and wary consumers, the year has offered countless opportunities to step back and re-evaluate current operating models.

Pressing pause isn’t always a bad thing. The pressure felt by the industry at the start of 2020 produced some diamonds – the nimblest companies around the globe pivoted seemingly overnight to meet new and evolving needs.

Countless fashion companies switched to mask production at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, allowing them to keep their factories open while delivering a product in high demand. L’Oréal Cosmetics proved its agility by using its facilities to manufacture hand sanitizer that it then distributed for free to employees, partners, and healthcare professionals.

That type of agility and vision – sensing a need and having the right digital strategy in place to pivot and deliver on it quickly – will remain crucial to the success of manufacturing organizations in 2021 and beyond.

Read on for a preview of our latest Industry-focused insight deck, complete with original research from our special edition Insight & Vision Report: Future Normal and the Business Impact of COVID-19, an analysis of current trends, advice from top analyst firms, and recommendations for the future.

Imperative 1: Ditch Silos

When your systems are connected, they run smoothly. Disjointed systems slow down growth by impeding communications between teams. Ditching organizational silos will unlock productivity and deliver crucial enterprise-wide visibility as business continues to digitally advance in the new decade.

Imperative 2: Automate Manual Processes

Manufacturing companies as a whole lag behind other industries when it comes to automating manual administrative and operational processes. The sheer scale of operations makes implementing the latest technology difficult for manufacturing orgs – deciding on the wrong technology and ultimately needing to remove it can be just as costly as making do with inefficient legacy systems.

Now, with the rapid changes 2020 has brought to every industry, companies can no longer afford to stall in their digital transformation efforts. ServiceNow emerged as the champion enterprise-wide cloud solutions platform to support organizations across industries, with its proven ability to eliminate silos, automate inefficient manual processes, combat disruption, and drive growth.

Imperative 3: Invest in the Right Tech

Imperative 3: Invest in the right tech

The right mix of hardware, software, and well-trained staff is crucial to maintaining quality, working efficiently, and responding to disruption quickly. Investing in the right technology now will make or break organizations in the business climate that is emerging in the new decade.

Read on to see how one global manufacturer used the ServiceNow platform to revolutionize its HR processes across 70 countries.

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