Innovation in IT: Converting Outdated Business Systems to Show Value in IT [New ITBM Case Study]

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It’s day 4 of our 12 Days of Giving! By now, it’s clear that ServiceNow has the power to get work done.

You’ve read the big-picture need for the platform with our GBS eBook and learned the tools to start presenting the case to your executive management. You even discovered ServiceNow HRSD campaigns, which hopefully inspired you to automate processes and allow your teams to be more productive, too!

Today, we have more ServiceNow inspiration in store and, hopefully, some that will help you with your ServiceNow business case.

Technology leaders across the globe face the challenge of managing the ever-increasing volume of technology-related projects. We know that the demand, prioritization, funding, and resourcing of an IT team stretches even the most sophisticated organizations.

But what if we told you that hundreds of the worlds most powerful and successful companies were already transforming their IT into a tool for corporate initiatives. It’s called IT Business Management (ITBM).

ServiceNow’s IT Business Management Suite can help you quickly:

  • Manage and prioritize demands and ideas
  • Resource projects and understand financial performance
  • Manage your full portfolio of initiatives with cost, effort, and results.

In fact, we’ve seen this revolution first-hand in our own clients. For today’s 12 Days of Giving, we’re sharing one of their stories with you, plus we’re giving away a free eBook on IT becoming a Catalyst for Business Growth. 

New Case Study: Power Executive Decisions with ServiceNow ITBM

Enjoying a reputation for top-quality products and service, and business innovation, this billion-dollar manufacturing company is the leading North American brand in their field. As a privately held corporation, they thrive on innovation. Plus, good old-fashioned business principles, treating others with the respect they deserve. As large as they are, the enterprise has four distinct lines of business, with over 1,000 employees nationwide.

A still-growing business, the manufacturing powerhouse needed a tool that allowed for Business Relationship Management and cost models. They had a strong desire to leave behind their outdated processes and use of several disparate tools. These tools, given their discordant origins, had no programmatic overlay and business leaders were being left in the dark when it came to critical business decisions. They were struggling to understand how they used resources, rolled-up finances in the organization, and, ultimately, to show the value of IT to internal customers.

ServiceNow ITBM

They also had a strong desire to provide team cohesion at all levels by providing demand, status, and cost clarity.

Selecting ServiceNow, and ultimately choosing a strategic ServiceNow partner is a time (and money) intensive investment by any company. Given their specific business needs, this company chose to implement the full ServiceNow ITBM suit for their initial implementation.

Their ITBM Suite Included:

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Critical to any ITBM implementation, PPM was used to bring visibility into all demand, resources, and project portfolios. With the additional visibility, team members were better about to align efforts with corporate strategy, plus work faster and more efficiently with allocated resources.
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM). Hand-in-hand with their PPM implementation, the company used APM to align their business applications. Utilizing their CMDB and discovery processes, they now have a complete picture into their application portfolio. What does this mean exactly? It means the ability to see how their apps relate to their actual business processes and supporting technologies eventually leading to the rationalization of apps and lower costs.
  • IT Financial Management (ITFM). Existing in several ServiceNow modules including; financial planning, financial modeling, and financial charging.
  • Plus a Team Founder Server (TFS) Integration. With Acorio’s strategic advisory and pre-implementation Health Check, the teams decided the TFS integration was essential to their business goal to increase visibility. TFS is a Microsoft product that provides source code management with that such as Git or Team Foundation Version Control. It covers the entire application lifecycle and enables DevOp capabilities through reporting, automated builds, and lab and test management.

These technical implementations occurred only after working closely with Acorio on the strategy side. For example, beginning with a Health-Check of their existing ITSM deployment. Our advisory team generated recommendations on the best way to align their platform and kick-start their initial ITBM deployment.

Overall, the firm now leverages their increased visibility provided by the ServiceNow ITBM deployment to ensure their resources are focused on the right activities (at the right time) and to maximize the value of the entire IT team across the company.

ITBM at Your Enterprise

To be a true value center, the modern IT organization needs to effectively drive change and innovation across the enterprise. Plus, a greater control and transparency of its spend and resources.

IT can truly transform its ability to deliver change. Start becoming a true engine for driving business growth with this eBook. You’ll learn how to adopt a Change and Governance Framework to maximize significant benefits (cost savings, resource productivity, and speed-to-market).

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