An Introduction to ServiceNow’s Now Value Methodology and Digital Customer Success Center

ServiceNow Quebec has officially gone live. We started our coverage with a few product updates (and don’t worry, there is still more to come!) but today we thought we would look at something beyond individual product elements.

So, What Else is New in ServiceNow?

For nearly a decade, ServiceNow has distinguished themselves for their technology platform and deep business advisory. The platform is also recognized for its understanding that optimizing business processes goes far beyond technology upgrades. That’s why today’s blog we’re not just covering Quebec updates but focusing on a few things that “aren’t just product updates,” to showcase ServiceNow’s commitment to true transformation throughout the business.

Now Value Methodology and Digital Customer Success Center

Successful transformation requires more than a strategy. It happens when great vision and execution come together across your organization. That’s why ServiceNow created Now Value, a proven methodology to realize success with the ServiceNow Platform Within the Digital Customer Success Center you’ll be able to explore the Now Value Methodology alongside a myriad of up-to-date resources such as:

  • Playbooks. Get specific instructions and best practices from ServiceNow’s most successful customers.
  • Checklists. Discover ServiceNow’s step-by-step action plans to help you identify and sequence the steps that will drive your success.
  • Success Maps. Explore processes and practice to get the most value from ServiceNow products. There are currently 10 success maps available ranging from Demand Management to Service Mapping and Employee Service Delivery. Click through an example success map for ITSM Intelligent Automation below. 
Every success map is broken into three sections (with varying amounts of steps for each one). The first section is always about setting the foundation and making sure you have both the right technical processes in place as well as the right people processes. In this case, the foundation steps include the application scope, deciding governance structures, and what skills will be required for future steps.
The second section of the Map is implementing with Now Create. Now Create provides end-to-end implementation guidance and tools for execution. For this example of ITSM Intelligent Automation, the implementation section fulfills the goal of using predictive intelligence to determine Virtual Agent use cases at the organization.
After ServiceNow is live, how do you keep it running smoothly? How do you know if you’re meeting objectives, and how do you handle demands? The Run section includes the tasks administrators and platform owners must complete to answer those questions. It also provides guidance for upgrades, because staying on the most current release of ServiceNow gives you the most recent functionality and security protections in the platform.

Once you’ve adopted ServiceNow, platform owners can use the Optimize and Expand section of the Success Map to envision where they have opportunities to optimize the existing applications. This step also includes suggestions on how expanding the platform with additional applications and/or functionality can build on the foundation that you put in place.

If you’re ready for more information on what’s new at ServiceNow and in ServiceNow Quebec, check out our upgrade eBook.