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Management Practice

Power Executive Decisions with ServiceNow ITBM

Technology leaders across the globe face the challenge of managing ever-increasing volumes of technology-related projects.

The demand, prioritization, funding, and resourcing of your IT team stretches even the most sophisticated organizations. ServiceNow’s IT Business Management Suite can help you quickly:

  • Manage and prioritize demands and ideas.
  • Resource projects and understand financial performance.
  • Manage your full portfolio of initiatives with cost, effort, and results.

Acorio helps IT leaders gain more visibility into IT and centralize business and operational demand across the entire organization with the ITBM suite.

Understanding ITBM’s Critical Role for Your
Digital Business

With ServiceNow’s IT Business Management, businesses are able to plan, prioritize, and track work aligned to specific business objectives. New enhancements and features are added to the platform with every release, solving for the real needs of customers. This includes joining DevOps with ITBM to integrate with external sources, automate Change Management, and provide analytics across the entire platform.

Manage & Embrace Uncertainty with Adaptive Planning

When change happens, adapt your plans and refocus teams to reach any IT or business outcome.

Scale Any Method of Work to Deliver Faster

Focus on opportunities that deliver the most value. Use any method of work to grow productivity and deliver the best results.

Align Initiatives & Manage Outcomes to Create Value

Create a strategy best suited to achieve outcomes with visibility into portfolio investments and business strategy to ensure value is realized.

Leverage One Unified Platform

Integrated with Service & Operations Management, HR, and CSM to manage both operational & strategic work, together.

Law Firm Lays the Groundwork for ServiceNow Success with CMDB and ITBM

Despite their large employee base, international clientele, and major outreach programs, this firm had no succinct Enterprise Project Management business function or platform. To begin that journey successfully, the firm crystallized its roadmap to include two goals: Use ServiceNow’s ITBM PPM and establish a CMDB.

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Delivering business strategies requires confidence in an organization's ability to scope, resource and execute their portfolio roadmaps. ServiceNow ITBM minimizes uncertainty and provides strategic transparency.

Kevin Zidek IT Business Management Practice Lead, Acorio

ITBM Product Spotlight: Demand Management

Demand management aims to identify all work demands, align them to organizational strategic initiatives, and allocate expenditures of resources and investment against the highest priority requests. ServiceNow’s Demand Management allows:

  • Requesters to submit ideas and demands for approval and delivery consideration.
  • Collaborators to estimate the resource effort, cost, resource requirements, and value relating to the request.
  • Users to align requests with services, business capabilities, business applications, goals, strategies, and investments.
  • Managers to score, prioritize, and rank requests for approval consideration. The scoring process is objective and universally applied for a fair, honest, visible approach with full stakeholder engagement.
  • Leaders to maintain and store requests that are deferred for future consideration.
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