ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM)

Power Executive Decisions with ServiceNow ITBM

Technology leaders across the globe face the challenge of managing the ever-increasing volume of technology-related projects.

The demand, prioritization, funding, and resourcing of your IT team stretches even the most sophisticated organizations. ServiceNow’s IT Business Management Suite can help you quickly:

  • Manage and prioritize demands and ideas
  • Resource projects and understand financial performance
  • Manage your full portfolio of initiatives with cost, effort, and results.

Acorio helps IT leaders gain more visibility into IT and centralize business and operational demand across the entire organization with the ITBM suite.

Maximize Visibility for your Technology and Corporate Initiatives

Demand Management
Track ideas and add rigor to prioritization to ensure you return the best possible ROI for your ServiceNow investment. Used in IT, or for full innovation and idea tracking across your firm, ensure you capture and realize the ideas that will spur your company’s innovation.
Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
PPM provides an integrated stack to turn ideas into project execution. With project prioritization and planning, you can track planned and unplanned work all in one place. Combined with ServiceNow’s agile management, testing and collaborative tools, your productivity and delivery will increase.
Resource Management
Enable your managers to create plans, request staffing for projects, and assign employees to specific tasks with Resource Managements’ consolidated view. From there, take advantage of Acorio’s Mobile Timecard to easily track time against projects, and understand your full capacity.
IT Financial Management (ITFM)
ITFM provides visibility into the charging, planning and modeling. Whether you have charge-back, show-back or different models, with comprehensive dashboard reports and centralized financial data, you’ll abandon spreadsheets and see the true financial costs and return of your technology investments – all integrated in a single platform with your infrastructure, applications and business services.

How a Billion Dollar Company Deployed ITBM, Integrating Their IT Business Units

With a reputation for top-quality products, business innovations, and consistently reliable service, this billion dollar company holds four distinct lines of business, with over 1,000 employees nationwide.

Working closely with Acorio, they deployed the full ServiceNow ITBM suite to enable better integration and tracking of initial ideas through the deployment of projects and enhancements. They began with a Health-check of their existing ITSM deployment, to generate recommendations to align their platforms and kick-start their initial deployment.

Before implementing ServiceNow’s ITBM, the company used a host of disparate project selection and management processes with no programmatic overlay or visibility. They were struggling to understand how they used resources, and rolled-up finances in the organization – and, ultimately, to show the value of IT to internal customers.

Today, the firm leverages increased visibility with provided by their ServiceNow ITBM deployment to ensure their resources are focused on the right activities (at the right time), and to maximize the value of the entire IT team across the company at 30x greater speed than before thanks to the automation built into the IT Cost Modeling. They saved $150K by retiring and consolidating their legacy systems, and on average saves 30 hours per week per team member.

Align Cost, ROI and Strategic Investments

In a world fueled by Digital Transformation, your Technology Officers (from the CIO, to the CTO, and beyond) have to create environments to power rapid agility, and ensure they're directing investment to the areas ripe for the biggest return.
Gain Financial Visibility
Align Strategic Planning
Accelerate Delivery
Validate Outcomes
Reduce Risk
Improve Customer Retention
Increase Revenue and Profits

Meet Our People

Janeen Osselborn
ITBM Practice Lead
Janeen has 20 years’ experience leading all facets of global IT Governance, including Financial Management, Portfolio Management, PMO leadership, Business Services, and IT Quality, for Fortune 500 companies.
Jared Romaine
PreSales Solution Architect
Jared is a solutions-oriented technology professional with extensive experience in IT Service Management and Infrastructure and Operations technologies. He excels at communicating technical problems and solutions to both technical and non-technical audiences. Jared’s experience as an IT Service Desk manager along with his ServiceNow platform consulting experience make him well suited to lead Acorio’s customer engagements and provide expert business strategy and ServiceNow implementation recommendations.
Damian Broccoli
Damian is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience focusing on Client Support, Change Management SME, Service Delivery, and Process Improvement. He goes beyond just ensuring the current practices are upheld, but thinking outside the box to bring innovative solutions and process improvements.
Leanne Bartkus
Senior Consultant
Leanne has deep knowledge across the platform in incident, problem, request, change, Project Portfolio Suite, CMDB, demand and HR. She has excellent communication, diagnostic skills, and process improvement experience, allowing her to quickly and consistently solve problems and provide innovative solutions. Leanne has 40+ successful ServiceNow implementations over the last 5 years.
Kevin Zidek
Senior Consultant
Kevin's experience lies in connecting people, process, and technology to produce value, business outcomes, and create positive customer experiences setting him apart from the industry’s typical IT practitioner.
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