July GoLive Roundup: 5 Summer Success Stories

Summer is heating up, and our clients are keeping us busy! Since last month’s GoLive Roundup blog, our team has been working diligently to support our clients to complete even more exciting new projects.  

Today, we’re thrilled to share five client success stories from July. From biotech companies to insurance funds, these highlighted clients and their projects cover a wide array of verticals and ServiceNow products. Keep reading to learn about how these customers are using ServiceNow to set up a successful end to 2021.  

1. SamPro & Service Mapping for Domestic Insurance Fund 

Seeking the capability to make strong, quick strategic contract and vendor decisions, this domestic insurance fund sought a digital solution to update and maintain their software licensing data. Overall, the project was broken down into two primary services: upgrading the client’s SAM to SAMPro and implementing Service Mapping.   

By upgrading to Software Asset Management (SAM) Pro, this client can now facilitate auditing ability for major software vendors and easily monitor software status with their new dashboards, all while improving the accuracy and identification of their software.  

By implementing ServiceNow’s Service Mapping, this client can now quickly identify and isolate related components during outages to minimize downtime. The new tool also proactively communicates any impacts to business services for customers, while pinpointing issues and focusing resources on resolving issues.  

All in all, this implementation provides a strong foundation for this insurance fund’s Service Mapping capabilities – the client is thrilled that it will reduce their mapping efforts with automated updates and increase their accuracy.  

2. ServiceNow & Tangoe Integration for Medical Device Company 

This medical device company sought a ServiceNow partner to develop an integration between ServiceNow and Tangoe for requesting wireless hardware and accessories. Acorio worked diligently to provide an integration code for Wireless Analytics tasks with Tangoe tasks so that users could request wireless hardware and accessories for multiple workflows including:  

  • Onboarding 
  • Offboarding 
  • Upgrade 
  • Transfers 
  • Returns 
  • Terminations 

 Leading up to the project release, the Acorio team created a detailed go-live playbook and reviewed the plan with the client team prior to Go-Live. Following the successful Go-Live, Acorio provided ongoing support for two weeks to identify enhancements for future development.  

 The Acorio project team has officially handed off this client to our trusted AVA team, who will offer continued support to this client as they maintain and optimize the solution. The client is thrilled with their new integration, and already working with our AVA team to enact the enhancements identified during the initial post Go-Live support period.  

3. Quebec Upgrade for Global Biotechnology Company

Struggling to maintain their instance, this global biotechnology company rushed to upgrade to Quebec and needed a trusted ServiceNow partner to quickly lead them through the upgrading process.  

In order to maintain their service, the client was scheduled for an automatic upgrade to Quebec in mid-July. For this project, this biotechnology company needed to upgrade from Orlando to Quebec, and remediate issues directly caused by the upgrade being performed within the instance.  

Initially, we were able to freeze the Dev and Test environments for cloning and validation. After upgrading those environments to Quebec, the Acorio team applied a similar approach to Prod. Once validated, Prod was successfully upgraded to Quebec, marking the end of the development freeze.  

Acorio partnered closely with this project team to deliver just what they needed, just in time. We are happy to report that they are now successfully upgraded to Quebec, enabled and fully armed to continue supporting their end users.  

4. ITSM and Event Management for Global Electronics Company 

As a global provider of products, services, and solutions, this client guides innovation forward for leading technology manufacturers and service providers.  

Looking to transition away from other ticketing tools, the client sought ServiceNow ITSM and Event Management, along with best practice process definition and configuration to align with their current applications in use.  

Acorio Implemented the full ServiceNow ITSM suite (exclusive of Change Management that was already in place) along with Event Management, including feeds from two monitoring solutions (Oracle OEM and AppWorx). By integrating the solution with key event sources, the client is able to prioritize monitoring alerts to proactively resolve issues. Acorio also designed and implemented a high-end service portal, and configured NOW Mobile to support ITSM as well as HR.  

These new features, along with the establishment of a Tier 0 self-service model for requests, has greatly improved the employee experience that this firm provides to its team.   

The client is very pleased with the end result of this implementation. So much so that they are already focusing on the project’s next two releases that zero in on HAM and SAM.  

5. Safe Workplace Implementation for Global File Hosting Services Company 

This global file hosting services company offered cloud storage and file synchronization for 700M+ registered users across 180 countries in 2020. As a loyal Acorio client, this organization has partnered  with Acorio for multiple transformational projects affecting their ITSM, HR, Physical Security, Corporate Events, and a handful of other important applications.

When they quickly decided to implement ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace solution to enable their workforce’s return to the office, they knew they needed a reliable partner to deliver the solution on an extremely short timeline (read: just two weeks from start to finish!) 

The Acorio team put their heads together to quickly provide a solution that allows portal and mobile access for this client’s employees to submit vaccination and test result documents. The solution also enables internal leaders to track mandatory training completion, with the additional capability to submit a Building Access Request that is approved when all office access requirements are met.  

Amidst an extremely challenging timeline, the Acorio and client teams collaborated closely to deliver a successful solution to the full satisfaction of the client.   

Based on an urgent client need, Acorio adjusted our standard project approach and completed this project in an extremely compressed and aggressive manner. Looking back, we’re happy to have helped this loyal customer stay safe as their team returns to the office.  

That’s all for now! Check back in September for our next project roundup. As one of our favorite content series, we release a new segment of successful client wins every month! In the meantime, check out our June GoLive roundup or dive into our case study compendiumebook that compiles all of our major wins into one easy location.