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Celebrating Virtual ServiceNow Go-Lives: Eight Project Stories from the Past Month

ServiceNow Go-Live Projects Virtual

The last few months have kept many of us at home, but it hasn’t stopped Acorio from virtually partnering with our clients to continue rolling out their Project Go-Lives. Today we’re celebrating the implementations (ranging in size, industry, and ServiceNow products) that we have completed during some of the most challenging and memorable months we’ve seen as a company.

We’re always thankful for the work of our Acorio and client teams, but today we take a moment to recognize the deep commitment of these individuals as they continue their work despite unprecedented circumstances. As you read about eight of our projects from this quarter, we hope you see the ways in which Acorio has maintained our quality of delivery with client projects even when we couldn’t be there physically.

1. Biomedical Research Institute – ITSM Re-Implementation

This independent nonprofit research center has over 85 years of experience in genetic and genomic research, blending the brightest minds with state-of-the-art resources to accelerate discovery. As this company enters a growth phase which includes expanding into a new country, they are also projecting substantial revenue growth over the next five years. In preparation for this growth, the client was looking to re-implement ITSM at their organization. The main objectives for this ITSM re-implementation were to: create a world class Service Delivery experience for the company’s ITIL fulfillers, customers and stakeholders; streamline business processes and improve organization efficiency; and establish a foundation of service excellence, inclusive of governance and organizational change management to enable broader leverage of the ServiceNow platform.

Over the course of 41 weeks, the Acorio team partnered with this client to implement Core Configuration, CMDB, Incident Management, Change Management with DevOps integration, Knowledge Management, Request Management, Organizational Change Management and Service Portal, along with multiple integrations.

Additionally, the client requested running two concurrent instances at Go-Live, which made the rollout more complex than traditional Go-Lives. To satisfy this request, Acorio coordinated with ServiceNow technical services to do a topology conversion to transition the current production to a “sub-production” status and move the future production instance to a “production” status, renaming the instances as well. This incredible effort ensured a happy client and a successful Go-Live for the project.

2. National Manufacturing Company – Change Management Implementation

After successfully deploying ITSM Incident & Problem with Acorio, this solar panel manufacturer returned to complete the ITSM deployment by implementing Change functionality for their multi-national user base. They wanted to consolidate their existing disparate IT Change Systems into the current ITSM Platform, while staying as close to out-of-box functionality as possible with Change.

Our training for this project covered multiple international locations for their world-wide user base. The Go-Live was executed in early June and no issues were encountered, ensuring everything was in place and ready for the client team to roll out the implementation to their user base on the official launch date. Since the client team was doing development work in parallel with our teams, close coordination of update sets and other Go-Live details was required. The Acorio team ensured that all details were accounted for and supported the client Admin to ensure that both the core Change functionality, as well as their specific Intake/Release requirements, were built and tested in a coordinated way and deployed without issues.

Covid-19 prompted several hurdles for this project team, including budget constraints and cutting back IT staff on the client team, but we are thrilled to see that Change Management is now fully integrated with the rest of ITSM at this organization and the client has the basic specialized Intake and Release capabilities they required in order to retire existing systems, without having to purchase the ITBM/PPM module right away!

3. New England Health System: London to Orlando Upgrade

With 4 hospitals, over 80 medical practices, and 12,000 employees, this nonprofit health system and one of Massachusetts’ largest employers, was seeking to upgrade their ServiceNow instance. Initially, the client’s executive team wanted to upgrade to New York, but after Acorio’s presentation of the benefits of upgrading to Orlando, the CIO agreed that Orlando would be a better fit. Our team worked to provide templates and a tailored test-case development training session to ease client fears about UAT. As a result, the test cases were completed, detailed, and UAT was a success.

This customer successfully upgraded to Orlando in early June!  The Product Owner, Executive Sponsor, and Project Manager had great things to say about their experience working with the Acorio Team and the level of care we put into knowledge transfers for their junior SA’s, the swiftness of the triage plan put in place for defects, and the overall communication throughout the project.

The client was initially intimidated by the project, its timeline, and the level of effort required to upgrade their system, but the level of support and guidance the Acorio team brought to the table quickly eased their concerns. In 10 weeks, we were able to get this organization fully upgraded and ready to continue serving its clients and team members!

4. Global Medical Company – GBS Finance and Procurement [Release 1]

This global medical company was looking to enable Finance Service Management and Procurement Service Management to make it easier for customers to communicate and request services from Finance and Procurement globally. Acorio partnered with the client to provide a solution including Service Portal, Finance and Procurement Request Management, and Knowledge Management.

The organization’s Finance and Procurement teams were pleased with the outcome of our collaborative efforts and came to view the Acorio team as trusted advisors to assist with other projects.

5. National Craft Store – Vendor Risk Management Implementation

As one of North America’s largest providers of arts and crafts supplies, this retail brand boasts over 1,200 stores. This client was looking to expand their use of the ServiceNow platform to include Vendor Risk Management, with an emphasis on automating processes and utilizing ServiceNow as the single source for vendor information to provide better tracking and consolidation. Their business objectives focused on taking advantage of vendor tiering within the ServiceNow platform to better understand and evaluate their IT vendors; tracking vendor contracts, as well as monitoring those contracts towards expiry and/or renewal; and leveraging ServiceNow functionality to report on which vendors have completed a risk assessment.

Acorio partnered with this customer to provide a central repository of IT vendors, vendors ranked by tiers, automated and consistent tiering, and vendor risk scoring models, along with a vendor portal and vendor self-managed user accounts. Overall, the project was successful and the teams worked well together to deliver a successful Vendor Risk Management Implementation.

6. American Convenience Store Chain – Customer Service Management Implementation

After past attempts to consolidate their 3 Customer Service departments were unsuccessful, this American gas station company knew they had to get this attempt done right. With their Store Support, Customer Support, and Alarm Center departments each using a different “ticketing solution” to support almost 4,000 stores across the U.S., something needed to change.

Acorio partnered with this client to consolidate the 3 Customer Service departments onto the ServiceNow platform leveraging CSM and provide a consistent user experience for agents and store personnel. Resulting in improved operational reporting with a “single version of the truth” and enabling their team to leverage modern technology that allows for scalability and future innovation, Acorio’s solution included CSM, Knowledge Management, Portal, and seven integrations. In just 24 hours after Go-Live, the client reported 400 stores/agents using the system to create 4800 cases!

7. Global Insurance Company – APM Advisory

After this Fortune 500 account was acquired, the new parent organization needed to transition the client’s system from Planview to ServiceNow. Acorio worked with this customer to retire their Planview System and generate comparable reporting as they gained momentum towards full implementation in APM.

With Acorio’s APM Advisory and a Roadmap detailing best practice recommendations, this global insurance company is now better positioned to make informed decisions with how to move forward with ServiceNow APM at their organization. We also provided the client with a technical approach document to serve as a guide for their future planning activities.

The Client team was great to work with, and Acorio was able to provide them with Advisory recommendations that align with their overall roadmap for program-wide implementations.  During the final advisory call, the client was extremely happy with the project’s end result. Our team provided great documentation which provided the customer team with step by step instructions and advisory for a strategy moving forward, as well as MVP steps toward pre-crawl. The client is now working internally to determine an implementation timeline and has begun some configuration of their APM.

8. Regional Health Insurance Company – CMDB Remediation/Discovery/Service Mapping

Serving more than 2 million people across the Pacific Northwest, this Health Insurance Company provides comprehensive, tailored services to customers in Washington and Alaska that include innovative programs focused on wellness and prevention, disease management, and patient safety. After falling victim to a security/data breach, this organization was mandated to implement improved Security Controls and Processes. Acorio was brought in to do a CMDB Healthcheck & Remediation and to implement initial Service Maps to help them identify and control changes to key Services/Systems that housed sensitive information.

We partnered with this client to establish a complete and healthy CMDB built on Discovery, provide an all-encompassing CMDB and Discovery platform review, and advise the client on improving CMDB activities while providing immediate value via CMDB remediation. We also created initial Service Maps to develop a model for correlation of CI data and business services, in order to aid risk analysis for change and root cause analysis, to improve customer experience.

We’re happy to report that even with a tight timeframe mandated by the Litigation requirements and Covid-19 issues that forced the client team to transition to work from home, Acorio was able to successfully meet the deadline and support this client from start to finish.