Kicking Off Knowledge 2021: ServiceNow Strategy and Roadmaps Session Preview

Knowledge season is here! For all those ServiceNow veterans out there, thinking about Knowledge usually delivers images of a buzzing show-room floor, dramatic keynotes up on the big stage, and platform discussions in every spare moment. But this year, for the second year in a row, Knowledge is going digital.  

Despite the lack of in-person extravagance, Knowledge 2021 will still be the flagship experience ServiceNow is known for, delivering keynotes, sessions taught by experts, and insights provided by ecosystem Partners. It will still be an event to bring the ServiceNow community together and experience the power of the workflow. There will be opportunities to connect with digital leaders, create new possibilities and experiences for your customers and employees, and change how your business responds to a rapidly evolving workplace. 

To help you do that, in the coming week (and all throughout the two week digital event) we’ll be sharing some of the session’s we’re looking forward to, what we’ve learned, and extra resources to get even more our of your Knowledge experience.  

Okay, let’s get to it! 

ServiceNow Strategy: 5 Keys to Future-Proofing Your 2021 Roadmap 

For our first session preview we’re sharing one by our very own VP of Client Delivery, Marci Parker, and VP of Solutions and Innovation, Adam Mason. Together, this power team is helping you answer the tough question how do you plan your ServiceNow roadmap to achieve long-term business goals while also adapting to our ever-changing business landscape?  

During the presentation, these experts will share best practices for finding success today and in the uncertain future.  

With nearly a decade’s experience focused exclusively on ServiceNow projects, we’ve seen clients build ServiceNow roadmaps that expand beyond IT to serve as transformation catalysts that cross the enterprise. Partnering with Fortune 500 firms across industries, we’ve led over 900 implementations.  

At Knowledge21 we’ll be sharing our biggest insights for building out a strong ServiceNow strategy. Bookmark the on-demand session to hear top Acorio executives share the five keys to building a successful ServiceNow roadmap for our current climate and beyond. 

Check back tomorrow (and all of next week!) as we continue to keep you up-to-date on all things Knowledge21