Knowledge 2020 Week Two: Top Sessions From This Week’s Digital Experience

Week two of the Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience is underway, with VP of the Now Platform, Marcus Torres, setting the tone for the “Build” theme. From his keynote on how citizen developers can focus on work that matters to CreatorCon and the new “Tell Us About Your App” feature, this week is full of content that brings the viewer behind the scenes, helping them see how cloud and engineering teams are operating today.

To help you navigate the hundreds of new sessions that are launching this week (plus a few can’t miss sessions from last week), we’re sharing a few sessions that we’re looking forward to watching.

Knowledge 2020 Week Two: Build

1. CreatorCon KeyNote with Marcus Torres and Chis Haas

In addition to the fireside chat with CTO Pat Casey, this week’s keynote will be led by Marcus Torres, explaining how citizen developers can focus on work that matters.

2. Building a Digital Culture with Richard Murphy

How does process automation affect workers and employee cultures? How can leaders implement digital strategies in a way that maximizes both employee satisfaction and business impact? In this talk, ServiceNow editor in chief Richard Murphy presents learnings from the Ethnography of Work study.

3. Digital Products are the Future, are You Ready? with Mark Bodman

To support a digital transformation you need to focus on all of your digital products. IT must be ready to simplify how to accommodate blurring lines between IT required to automate work, operationalize process, and in customer-facing products and services.

4. Future-proof Your ServiceNow Strategy: How to Build a Strategic Roadmap with Juliet Acuff and John Huckle

Does your ServiceNow strategy hold-up to the demanding needs of IT, your Customers, and your employees in 2020? In this session, top Acorio executives will share how roadmaps are changing (and how to effectively communicate ServiceNow’s value to your executives), roadmap examples from our clients with varying levels of maturity, the keys to success like governance and organizational change management, and the most impactful initiatives you can add to your 2020 roadmap to maximize success.

5. Creating Now Community Content that Matters with Mark Obee and Chuck Tomasi

Chuck Tomasi, shares how he select what material will have the biggest impact and shed light on their creative process. ​

6. CreatorCon’s Hackathon Finale

ServiceNow’s panel of judges will watch the 5 category winners pitches and ask questions eventually crowning an overall hackathon winner.

7. Margarita’s, Yoga, and More Community Content

For anyone who missed Cinco de Mayo, take a five-minute break and enjoy this quick tutorial on the classic margarita.

Want More?

In addition to ServiceNow’s new Knowledge sessions, they also launched their new “Tell Us About Your App” feature, where, if you have built an App on the Now Platform, you can submit the description to ServiceNow. For each App submitted, ServiceNow has pledged to donate $100 to the UN’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

All sessions from week one are still available to watch on-demand, including our own “The State of ServiceNow” presented by CEO Ellen Daley and VP of Strategic Marketing Meghan Lockwood.

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