Bringing 2020 Insight and Vision Research to the Knowledge Stage: What 425+ Customers Reveal

Few things are more important to organizations’ IT departments right now than maintaining digital workflows. With a global two-thirds of employees now working from home at least some of the time, ensuring business continuity among workers who may be thousands of miles away from each other is paramount.

These current circumstances are bringing new timeliness to Knowledge 2020, ServiceNow’s big annual event. Like many others, the event has had to make adjustments amid strict social distancing guidelines, but there will still be plenty of training sessions and keynote speakers to satisfy attendees. We’re excited to be supporting this effort with several digital sessions of our own, including “The State of ServiceNow” presented by CEO Ellen Daley and VP of Strategic Marketing Meghan Lockwood.

For the second year in a row, these two are bringing Acorio’s groundbreaking original research to the Knowledge stage. As the only global ServiceNow research of its kind, the thirty-minute recorded presentation previews key competitive insights, providing industry benchmarks on the tactics, priorities, and the future of the platform. Want to know which KPI 75% of ServiceNow users are tracking? Or which three ServiceNow functions received the largest adoption in 2019? Ever wondered what your peers’ 2019 and 2020 ServiceNow roadmaps look like? Or the biggest challenges facing ServiceNow users today? Check, check, and check. All covered in the 2020 presentation.

View the full presentation here, or read a preview and download the PowerPoint below.

Digital Transformation and Enterprise Service Management strategies have hit wide-scale adoption and investment in the entire ServiceNow platform rose significantly in the past year.

Technology can be your defining competitive advantage. Whether serving customers better, enabling employees, or driving efficiencies, technology can be the defining competitive advantage to win. In the Enterprise Software era of the last 30 years, we have seen how we do work fundamentally change. This change has been brought about by purpose-built solutions across all departments in business: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HR Systems, and many more. These purpose-built systems serve critical needs to record business transactions.

Today, at the dawn of this century, the next phase of technology is connecting these solutions to improve experiences and improve how work works. Enter Digital Transformation.

At this inflection point, there is one enterprise platform playing a pivotal role to facilitate this Digital Transformation revolution: ServiceNow. And the “Platform of Platforms” is transforming right alongside their clients.

As the over 50 percent 2019 year-over-year growth of ServiceNow’s stock indicates, ServiceNow’s trajectory has undergone a major shift in the past 12 months. An intentional strategic pivot to expand product offerings across the enterprise took yet another step jump in the fourth quarter of 2019 when a new and inspirational leader, Bill McDermott, (of SAP fame) took the helm. Given a more mature go-to-market foundation and a growing client thirst for transformation, ServiceNow is about to get even bigger and fast.

New data unearthed in our 2020 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report expands the assertion that the pace of Digital Transformation has dramatically accelerated. ServiceNow has now successfully positioned itself into the Enterprise fabric for the world’s leading companies. However, there are many layers to successfully building the digital tapestry of the future.

  • Sixty-five percent of organizations are currently deploying a Digital Transformation strategy and 73 percent report executing on Enterprise Service Management initiatives.
  • Just two percent of those executing a Digital Transformation strategy consider it complete.
  • Investment in the ServiceNow suite of products showed aggressive growth – the number of individuals investing in four or more ServiceNow platform elements (IT, HR, Customer Service, etc.) grew nearly threefold in one year, now sitting at 31 percent.
  • The IT platform continues to dominate, but the expansion products of HR and Customer Service both grew by six percent, and SecOps investment rose five percent in just one year.
  • Looking to the future, over half of the organizations today are focused on automation and Artificial Intelligence as keys to the future, while fifty-two percent are looking at their Customer Experience.

ServiceNow is gearing up to be the heartbeat of the modern enterprise – the workflow engine that unites and empowers all other enterprise technology. The question remains: Are companies today ready to capitalize on the change they say they have been waiting for?

ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 Presentation Download