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Maintain ServiceNow Momentum Through the Holidays

In a holiday season like no other, we know most of us could use some extra rest. But how do you maintain momentum and ensure your critical initiatives are still getting done while also taking a much-needed break? We’ve got an app for that. Just kidding, we’re doing one better than that, we’ve got an entire organization for that.

Acorio’s Managed Services (AMS) and Acorio Virtual Assistance (AVA) are unique ServiceNow support programs designed for modern organizations to be more aligned with their technology platform.

Our goal? To get you healthy and to keep you healthy, all while allowing you time to focus on the larger goal of maximizing ServiceNow’s impact on your business. With an emphasis on quality, expertise, access, and clear, measurable results, our support offerings go beyond administration to provide you with advice and guidance on your entire ServiceNow journey.

AVA can help ensure your organization gets the most out of ServiceNow – even while your team might be out on vacation. Here are a few things we’re helping our clients get done by the end of the year:

  • Implement catalog items to support WFH, including hardware, software, and access requests
  • Give employees the WFH equipment they need using an automated approval process that eliminates inbox chaos
  • Allow managers to approve requests using a simple one-touch process powered by Now Mobile and Mobile Agent

This slide deck will walk through the five most common scenarios that can overwhelm or delay your internal ServiceNow platform team. In each of these situations, we’ll talk you through:

  • The general challenge facing admins and platform owners
  • What’s preventing you from taking full advantage of ServiceNow’s potential in your company
  • The most important questions you should be asking your partner to keep you on the right track
  • Common hints to ensure you’re getting the right kind of support to set you up for success

Find out how an experienced set of hands can help you drive efficiency and savings, and provide the right approach to plan, manage, and maximize your ServiceNow platform.

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