ServiceNow Go-Live Roundup: 5 New Project Rollouts

Our clients hit the ground running this year, and now with the first quarter of 2021 behind us, we’re excited to share these five client success stories.  

Keep scrolling to read up on our recent GoLives and get details on what projects our clients are rolling out this year. Otherwise, if you’re looking for information on current ServiceNow client trends, I recommend clicking over to last month’s EXPAND Executive Insight segment with VP Grant Pulver.  

Now let’s jump straight into these client stories…  

1. Cloud Instance Consolidation for National Credit Union 

This national credit union, one of Acorio’s key financial services clients, was looking to simplify and streamline their operations by consolidating their Cloud Instance into their Enterprise Instance. The Acorio team worked with them to create a single system of record for IT assets and key IT processes, reducing architectural complexity and redundancy to maximize operational efficiencies.   

This project lays the foundation for the client’s future growth of the platform by leveraging out of the box functionality and industry best practice, while also limiting the impact to existing Cloud & Enterprise processes. Now with aligned processes across a single system of work, this national credit union can provide a consistent and simple user experience for the enterprise.  

This project was on a tight go live schedule, coupled with the added challenge of strict regulatory requirements, but we’re happy to report that the Acorio team successfully rolled out the scoped solution on time. Even better, according to the project’s Engagement Manager, the initial feedback from the client is glowing!   

2. HR Case and Knowledge for Financial Management Firm 

With 16,000 employees across 38 countries, this financial management organization was looking to establish a unified system of work for their HR teams and lay the foundation for future HR platform capabilities. Acorio configured and deployed ServiceNow’s HR Service Management, HR Knowledge Management, and Notifications so that this client can get greater clarity into case volume and work for their HR team.  

Now with a newly-established central knowledge base, this client’s HR team is making major efficiency gains for 2021. As this was our first project with this client, we’re happy to share that Acorio is already working with this financial management organization on next steps for their team to help grow their use of the platform 

3. Advisory & ITSM Transformation for Regional Healthcare Network

This nonprofit healthcare network is one of the largest in the Northeast. With more than 68,000 employees, 20+ hospitals and 700+ outpatient facilities, this client was looking to establish a Service Management Office for their organization. New to ServiceNow, they were committed to finding a long term platform partner to help them adopt best practices and ensure efficiency, scale and quality in their solution. 

Through our Advisory service, Acorio worked with this client to establish a Service Management Office to govern and operationalize their service management practice. Acorio helped align the client’s desired business outcomes to the Key Performance Indicators that underpinned those outcomes. The advisory service captured the aspirations and opportunities within the current process and identified countermeasures within the process flow aligned to out-of-box implementation of the platform. To ensure an improved adoption, an Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy based on affected personas was developed. The process reviews also helped determine the future state architecture and integrations for the platform. 

The implementation team followed the advisory service to configure and deploy the ITSM applications to support the processes, an enhanced user experience via the Service Portal, and the Agent Workspace to streamline the service desk. To leverage the most current features of the platform, the project also involved an upgrade to the Paris version as recommended by the advisory service.

As a healthcare network, this client’s project timeline was severely impacted by COVID. They were heavily involved in the emergency response in their surrounding area, while also ramping up their project. During the project timeline, the client also initiated a major move to a remote workforce – our project team played a leading role in this move, which is still in progress today. Despite these challenges, we’re happy to report a successful GoLive! Next up on this client’s 2021 ServiceNow roadmap are APM, ITOM and a custom request for services tool. 

4. Governance Risk and Compliance Implementation for Regional Hospital  

For the second phase of this regional hospital’s GRC rollout, Acorio expanded the functionality built in this client’s Policy & Compliance engagement from last year.  

For this new phase, the GRC team required a more-automated request workflow and additional dashboards and reporting. Acorio’s provided solution delivered process and workflows for assessments and work assignments, as well as improved dashboards for managing the flow of work through assessment states. We also automated entity creation and scoped/triaged assessments for determining the correct assessment(s) to issue to vendors. 

With the second phase of this project complete, this top regional hospital is now properly set with ServiceNow Policy and Compliance.   

5. Technology Lifecycle Management & Paris Upgrade for National Health Insurance Provider 

Set to retire their legacy tracking systems, this healthcare provider was under a strict deadline with their Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) solution. After a previous TLM implementation struggled to make progress by another ServiceNow partner, this client brought in Acorio to develop and configure a TLM application before the end of the year. 

The main business objective for this project was to build a scalable solution to manage expected future demand of approximately 4,000 technologies, from the portfolio’s current 250 technologies. With the Acorio provided solution, this client has the proper tools to track technologies and dependent applications progress, with dashboards and reports to show progress and burndown. The solution also provides enhanced capability to automatically identify services associated with target technologies for potential initiatives related to remediation technology, and enables the client to identify risks and impacts to current technology. 

In order to meet the project’s strict deadline, Acorio rolled out a TLM solution in three phases starting at the end of last year. For phase 1, our team got down to business to gather requirements, and design and develop/configure a solution for previously uncharted territory in the matter of 11 weeks. The following two phases iterated upon the Phase 1 solution to get the client what they needed to continue to scale and manage up to 4,000 technology solutions.  

Aside from their TLM This client also recently enlisted Acorio to assist them with a Paris Upgrade, our 20th project with them since February 2018. As part of this engagement, the Acorio team provided support and training related to all Paris upgrade and release activities, conducting workshops in the following areas: 

  • ITSM: Enhanced client’s experience through Leveraging Predictive Intelligence and improved utilization of CSDM and the CMDB, Incident, Problem, and Change. Improvements were also made in the Agent Workspace experience for CSS agents and governance of the Change Management process through Change Success Scores. Analytics Center & Standard Ticket Page across Incident & Catalog enabled. 
  • ITBM: Enhanced Resource Management Capabilities to streamline changes in resource allocations as well as enhanced Portfolio Planning Workbench capabilities to plan multiple Portfolio scenarios for better planning.  
  • HR: Implemented HR Agent Workspace, Standard Ticket Page for HR to align with Incident and Catalog as well as Employee Profile table for other applications to leverage employee start and end dates. 

We’re so excited to see this client’s continued success on the ServiceNow platform and look forward to expanding our partnership with them in 2021.  

Want access to more client stories? Download our Case Study Compendium to get access to case studies organized by industry and solution.